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Quotes by Ultimate_Cookie_Monster

*Walking home from school*
I'm going to adopt you!! 
Me: Then, I won't cry myself to sleep anymore like a do every night!
Friend: .....
Me: Joking... I only cry most nights!!
Friend: ...
Me: I'm emooooo!! 

-Yes, i'm an emo. 
My Mum: You need to do your homework before you go back to school!
Me: That's a night-before-it's-due-problem...

I spelt it with no gaps, 
So that no one could get
In the wya of us...
Dressing up as a slutty school girl for Halloween...
This should be fun...
When you love someone
You can be with them
All day
Every day
And never
Get bored
&Today, I had the best day ever...
I went to the skate park to see my skater boy of a boyfriend,
&he put his arms round me...
&I did the same to him...
We stayed like that for 2hours straight
Hey witty people, i need help with some homework...
Can one of you PLEASE find me 3 advantages of using hardwood?

If you do, I'll follow you.. Promisee♥

You're the one I don't regret loving

Just one of Avril Lavigne's lyrics, 
Can tell the story of my emotions...
Best mate: You need to be more ladylike!!