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Why Hai there fellow wittians ^-^

You can call me by my middle name which is Rose,
I am sweet 17 ^-^ and a Scene/emo/ Punk/ Grundge (Scemo kid) xD
Religion: Music &
Im a Atheist  :D
I am a very shy person at first
but after a while of knowing me
can be quiet outgoing/random/
funny, but always sweet c:,
I love My Anime/Manga (ex) Yaoi <3
My favourite animals are the Wolf and Fox  and cats^,,^
and im part Kitty ^3^ ,
I like all music really :3 
but not country xD classic or just plain rock/
Dupstep is my most favourite kind though.

So yea thats all for now :3 BAI BAI... 



My love for you is bulletproof &lt;3

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Quotes by Unicornasaurus

I hug you when I see your arms.
You don't deserve this kind of harm.
I Love You, you beautiful person
and I probably care too much.
I can see your eyes are growing weary 
and from the world, you're losing touch.
All I want is to hug you
and tell you its okay.
It will be in the end,
even if its not today. <3

Dreaming of you
when I sleep,
and waking up
with you nowhere
to be found.
You know whats the worst?
Thinking you have a chance with someone,
and then realizing you actually dont.
Wasting your time on someone.
Wasting your time thinking about them
every moment of the day.
Waisting your time just waiting for
a text or call back.
Waisting your time wondering if they feel
the same way as you,
wondering if theyre thinking about you too.
When in reality, they arent.
While youre making your priority,
theyre only making you an option
I just want you to know
that i'll never care
how far you push me away.
Because when I told you
that I would stay...
I Meant It.
Youre a little lost
and a little damaged,
But  youre not hopeless.
I know you.
I love who you are,
and thats why i'll stay.
So you can learn to love
yourself too. <3

If you want to cut yourself,
Then youre going to take my arm,
look me in the eyes,
and cut as many times as you
would your self...

I couldnt hurt you like that...

and then I understood
Can I curl up in your

arms and let the beat of

your heart soothe me to

sleep? because that

sounds absolutely

lovely. <3

-make wierd faces
-Say "awe" or "Dawe"
-ask how you and your day was
-dont care about their or your apearance
-can dance and be silly
- lick there lips
- are good with kids
-get frustrated
-laugh and smile
-sing to you
-bite their lower lip
- make that attractive half smile/smirk
-have good grammer
-are funny
-tease me a little
FACT: Do you know why the marriage ring is
                      places on the forth finger from the 
                      thumb of your left hand?
                      Because its the only finger that has a vain
                      which is directly connected to our heart. <3 
Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry?
When we dream? Or when we kiss? Because we know
that the most beautiful things in
life are not seen,But felt by heart.
If I could give you one thing in life,
I would give you the ability to see
yourself through my eyes,
Only then would you realize
how special you are to me.