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Quotes by Vampire123

Hey, hey, hey,

Merry Thanksgiving
Happy Christmas

Why is Josh Huchterson my role model? Because he is so respectful and nice to everybody. Just like my cousion Breaden.
If Twilit doesn't
have Josh Hutcherson,
I ain't watching

Worst feeling is
burning your lip,
during your period.
Worst feeling ever

I don't hate you
I just strongly dislike you.
With a passion

Act your age,
not your shoe size

Guys, I need help. Everything is going so wrong, I just can't handle it.
You know what?
He looked and
started singing
My life = made

Me: *smiles at a text*
Mom: Who is that?
Me: It's Jake, Jake from State Farm
Mom: O.o
Mom: We don't have State Farm
Me: O.o

Mine. feel free to make it pretty

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