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Hi, I'm NAME

Quotes by WaitWhoseThatOhThatsMe

I dont know
why the name
Bob is so funny to me.........

Or am I just Wierd...

Yea I think I'm just Wierd
Goodwill...Poppin'n Tags.......Yeah!!!
Welcome to the good burger home of the good burger can i take your orderrrrrrr.
A push Bra and
A Bag of Chips are the same,
You open them up and their half
I was Suprised when I saw the new Witty
So what Did you get for Christmas .....
Happy Birthday Louis!! (From One Direction)
"A new version of Witty Profiles is coming out this week!"
But I dont want to see the old Witty go!!
So Have you been Naughty or Nice
The taylor swift "I knew you were Trouble" music video is out

oh gosh!!