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Quotes by WhenAllElseFails

Me: What rock group has four men but doesn't sing?
Me: Mount Rushmore! 
Friend: Get out.
Have you ever taken a picture
and thought it was so good you used it for
literally everything and you look back at it
some day and you're just like 'Wow, that was
the worst picture ever omg'
Anyone else think that
guys have feelings too? 
It really bothers me when 
I see some idiot girl complain 
about a guy breaking her 
heart and all this, but 
she's probably broken
more hearts than he has. 
I don't know. It just bothers
me when people 
automatically side with the
girl. I always side with the guy,
to be completely honest.

Since school started I've been wearing kind of
normal looking clothes almost, and then the other
day I waltzed in with my trusty Pikachu hoodie with 
ears and literally everyone who saw me that didn't
actually know me besides seeing me in the halls
was like *0* 

Would anyone just love to know what I really hate? 
Girls who sit there and have lists of what their perfect guy has to be. 
I was sitting in class yesterday listening to these two girls go on and on
about what color hair "he" has to have, what "he" has to look like, act like.
I was strongly holding myself back from explaining to them that 
they aren't going to get that, and he doesn't HAVE to have these qualities
they were rattling off. & I can bet that if they ever find /the/ guy, he
won't be anything like that. 

You see, no guy is "perfect". He may come across as that
when you see his appearance. And it's not his job to be so. 

When you love someone, you're looking past his flaws, his quirks 
and everything else to see the real him. And if that's not what love is then idk what it is.


Has anyone else ever noticed that

every single girl everywhere has a certain face they do in every selfie.


Person: *Makes meaningful facebook status* To look in the mirror, and see that the person staring back isn't you..
Me: Then it's probably a window

Me: *puts on song*
Me: *sings*
Me: *sings guitar parts*
Me: *sings all instruments*
Me: *air guitar*
Me: *air drums*
Me: *headbanging*
Me: stood up, headbanging, air guitar*
Me: *1 man mosh pit in bedroom*

When my mom says she'll be ready in 5 minutes,
I know I have just enough time to fly to space and finish 
building my Death Star before we go. 

I hate having people over so much 
I always feel obligated to entertain them like when I'm at other people's houses
we just hang out and do whatever but I feel differently at my house. They're over 
and I'm just like do you want bread I have bread