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Quotes by WhenAllElseFails

Anyone else think that
guys have feelings too? 
It really bothers me when 
I see some idiot girl complain 
about a guy breaking her 
heart and all this, but 
she's probably broken
more hearts than he has. 
I don't know. It just bothers
me when people 
automatically side with the
girl. I always side with the guy,
to be completely honest.

I think it would be horribly
unfortunate if McDonald's came out with hotdogs. Who the heck could say 'McWeinie' without laughing?


Friends and I watching Dark Skies, when the mom opens the door to her son's room because she hears something: 

*opens door*
Me: Don't do it, fool, obviously the ailien is right there!
Friend 1: Wow, this is like, not scary at all.
Friend 2: Pssssshhhh, I KNOW right? So lame..heh..heh..
Friend 3: Awh, frick. Awh, frick. She's gonna open the door. 
Mom: *looks in room, sees some really tall dark mutated figure*
Me: OhmyGod *cowers*
Friend 1: Predictable.
Friend 2: *flinches and screams, throws bucket of popcorn into sky so it rains over us like a baptism of popcorn*
Friend 1: *screams bloody murder because the popcorn landed on him and he was more afraid of it than the ailiens*

Tacky love post: When boys have a contagious laigh <3

If there is one thing I can't stand..
it's when teachers say an assignment is a "piece of cake".
Like, seriously, if it was a piece of cake, I would have eaten it already.


Singing a song sung by the same person of your gender 
and knowing you sound homosexual

I think Bing could have totally crushed
Google if they had called it 'Bang'. I mean, think about it. "I BANGED Channing Tatum".


I think giving someone flowers is weird.
Like, here, I killed these for you. 
Put them in some water so they can die slower.
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