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Quotes by *Elena;~ ♥*

It's probably been over a year or two since I've been on here, and I just wanted to say that I missed you all❤

Girls who think it's cute to act stupid
need to get hit in the face with a brick


My friend's sister was telling me
about how in highschool a guy tried
to take a picture up her skirt as she
was walking up stairs and she saw,
grabbed his phone, broke it in half,
and handed it back to him and
“you can tell your mom
why your
phone's broken”

It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only
person who can see how evil and sneaky
someone is and everyone else is blind
to it
No matter what,
always remember 

that YOU are



Wouldn't it be the perfect crime

If I stole your heart,


you stole mine?

I don't get why people say "tea is just leaf
water" and
then act like coffees so great
like do you know what you're drinking? Bean
water. That's what.