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        A lttle bit of my life.

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Quotes by *Elena;~ ♥*

My grandpa used to water the plants
every week and there was a
little frog
that would come out and croak until
my grandpa sprinkled some water on
and he loved that frog so much


2 years old kid: *runs*
family: looks like he's going to be an athlete
Okay, this is awkward.
The top quotes are all about how Witty is slowly being abandoned.
This is most likely because of school and homework.
I can almost guarantee that by summer time, there will be at least 100 faves for the top quotes of the day.
Some people remember how quotes had 2,000 faves EACH DAY.

Quotes that only had around 300 faves were deleted, because they "didn't have enough faves."
Now, the top quotes of the MONTH have like, 200. 
New people are joining Witty, and they're leaving because they look at the top quotes and see a bunch of complaints.
We should all contribute and make nice quotes with nice formats and maybe something that will catch an eye.
I miss when Witty had a whole lot of people. There was a lot of drama, but there was also a lot of people who you could talk to and become friends with.
We should all try to pitch in to make Witty better. 
I'll start by making quotes with formats that look nice, and avoid using Tumblr jokes.
People went to Tumblr because that's where originality comes from. When they come here, the see the same thing over and over again.
Let's try to bring out our funny side.
okay bye


Will you remember me in a day?
Of course.
Will you remember me in a week?
Will you remember me in a month?
I'll never forget.
Knock knock.
Who's there?


*Breaks into your house*
can I pet your animals

Finishing my cereal before it getsoggy
is the most stressful thing in life

Plot Twist: Your teacher accidentally calls you mom

Girl: What type of dog do you have?
Guy: Tabby. So, you a virgin?

will you marry me - A marriage proposal
will, you, mary, me - A foursome proposal
will, you, mary, me - Cave woman Mary tries to help
Will recover from Amnesia


New Olympic sport:
The contestants must sit on their legs until they fall asleep and then
run down a flight of stairs
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