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Hi There LovelyQuestion everything.
My name is Sophie.There's nothing really special about me. Um I'm kinda embarrassed by like half of my quotes but am way too lazy/scared to go through and delete them so oops. I'm really obsessed with South Park and that's probably my favorite thing in the world, yeah. 
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Quotes by WonderfulLove

Plot Twist: Directioners can actually take a joke about One Direction and don't bully the people that don't like 1D.

I know that a lot of Directioners can take a joke so don't bash me about how not everyone is like this.

Maybe it's all in my head
but I swear
sometimes my scars still hurt.

2am; where do I begin,
Crying off my face again.
The silent sound of loneliness
Wants to follow me to bed.

"That's the problem with eating disorders. It's never enough. You can lose all the weight in the world, but it's never going to be enough. You're still sick in the dead. For me it was an obsession of the mind."
                                                                                                   -Demi Lovato


How can you make a quote
that hurts half of witty
and would hurt millions of people in the world
but then make a quote
saying how bullying is wrong on witty
and the hate on witty should stop.
No. Just no. Shut up.



If you do something wrong
don't go and pity yourself
or make other people pity you.
Go apologize
and fix what you did wrong.



Dont mind me,
I'm just another hopeless soul.


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