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Hi There LovelyQuestion everything.
My name is Sophie.There's nothing really special about me. Um I'm kinda embarrassed by like half of my quotes but am way too lazy/scared to go through and delete them so oops. I'm really obsessed with South Park and that's probably my favorite thing in the world, yeah. 
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SupportSystem 1 decade ago
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If you are having trouble in any way,
bullying, cutting, depression, anxiety, suisidal thoughts, ANYTHING.
I promise you I will do my best to bring your smile back.
Tell me your stories and your problems.
Stay strong, stand tall, and keep fighting.
You are worth it.
Buki 1 decade ago
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I'm so sorry that I missed it, Ive been incredibly busy and I feel bad. I hope you had a great birthday, and that everything with you is going well. Miss talking to you girly, love ya!!
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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OMG dude I was playing slender with my friend and I'm gonna pee my pants bc we were playing it on our huge tv
but literally yesterday i went through and deleted sO MUCH of my quotes even ones that had 1000s of faves bc they were so bad/embarrassing and some of them i couldnt delete bc of the profanity so it wouldnt let me idk??
but dw i had to do it too
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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Buki 1 decade ago
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That's good.
Do you have friends in your new classes?

I'm glad you two are doing well. I bet you guys are going to get married, because you're just too cute together

I know. I shouldnt be on, but when I do come on its rarely.
I don't even post quotes unless they're really good. I'd rather not get any attention.
Buki 1 decade ago
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Haha, its fine.
:\ It sucks when your friends move away, the worst part is that you cant really do anything about it. I'm actually really surprised that two of your friends have moved that quickly in the school year though.
That really sucks. I'm sorry.
There's always going to be people you hate. People are just stupid and obnoxious. You just have to learn how to keep yourself from ripping their head off.
How are you and Shayan(?) doing though?

My life has been fine. Well, aside from the fact that I feel like a child who's parents are divorced and I'm bouncing back and forth between the parent I like and the parent I don't like... My mom has a new boyfriend and they've practically moved in together, so I don't really see her during the week, I just go over to his house on the weekends. So during the week I'm with my grandmother.
They've known each other for twelve years though.
Everything else is fine though. I'm actually a lot happier this year than I was last.

Anyway, I'm fine. I had just been thinking about you and felt bad about not talking so I came online.
Buki 1 decade ago
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Miss talking to you.
How's school been, and all the ignorant jerks?
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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aw i have a boy name
oh idk i think my ears broke can you pay to fix them pls

i guesss sooo
but at the same time now it's like hard to be around him

is that YOUR boy name
a s s
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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aw is bob my nickname
it's so kewt

ah idk maybe
i hope so
but it kind of sucks cuz even if he did
we can't do anything about it
because we've all been friends forever and i wouldn't wanna do anything to screw it up bleh

i'm amosttt done
i meant
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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i just finisheddd
it was kind of fun actually
i had to create a poem using words from the story the cask of amontillado and she's like
"you can use the computer and make it all pretty if you want"
and so i used witty to make it awESOME

idek maybe his text failed
or maybe mine did
i'm probably over thinking that part

that's truee
we went on a hike
like when we first got there katie keara chris and michael weren't there
so it was just me my bro and andrew (ian didn't wanna come)
and i was like terrified of the hike cuz we kept having to like jump off of stuff and my brother was calling me a wimp but andrew like stayed behind and held my hand and helped me
but idk if he was just being a nice person or whattt
i'll text him in a bit i guesss
i mean i do have to ask him a question about the whole 6 flags thingg so yeah

srsly just thank you so much this is making me feel so much better
when i'm done with my hw i'll give u my ipod number and yay~
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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i'm taking a while to answer omg djka
i'm actually on my computer now though
because one of the things i have to do for homework requires using witty
cuz i gotta design something
but if i go on facebook i'll get even more distracted andugh

i meant like 6 others besides me and my brother aha

idk maybe
i mean it's possible she was lying
she mentioned him saying something to her about something i had texted him
so i don't think soo..

i mean last year in july we were over at katie, keara, chris, & michaels house
me thomas andrew and katie were hanging out in michael and chris' room and katie left for a second and idr what my brother exactly asked andrew but it was something to do with liking anyone and he was like "well yeah i kind of do but it's really like awkward" and he was looking at me when he said that
that was over a year ago/:
i'd talk to him about but last night was the first time i've texted him in months
he'd probably find it a little weird if i suddenly texted him AGAIN/:

ahh okay thankss<3
i *tried* to talk to one of my friends irl but she didn't even care
srsly u and chloe are awesome i luff you guys
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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i hate homework
i'm still freaking out about that vv
mehh i feel like i'm being really annoying i'm sorryy
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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okay so we like never talk on here anymore
i'm on my ipod and the notifactions (still can't spell it omfg) on facebook aren't working
messaging has never worked for me
i didn't particularly want to just post this on your wall idk
and like i know this isn't a big deal compared to a lot of things but right now it's kind of freaking me out and idk i just need to talk about it sfksa;dk

so there are these kids that i've been friends with practically since i was born
there are 6 of them and idk i'm just gonna explain this so it doesn't get confusing later
katie (she's 14)
keara (she's like 9 i think)
chris (he's 15)
& michael (he's 19 but he was held back so he's a senior)
are all siblings
and then there's
ian (he's 17)
and andrew (he's 15)
and then there's me & my brother (my brother is 16)
and our moms have been best friends since they all happened to come to america from britian on the same flight and get assigned to the same apartment for nurse training

anyway asyouknow i live in a place called santa clarita
and katie keara chris and michael live in san fernando (which is the next valley over from us)
and ian and andrew live in simi valley (which is the next one over from san fernando)
so we only see each other every few months

so yesterday i was hanging out with them right
and idk out of all of the guys i've always liked andrew the best because we just get along better
but so anyway katie is like obsessed with him (which can be entertaining)
he's told me before he prefers my brother and i to katie keara chris and michael
but like last night it didn't seem like that
so last night i kind of got a little...idk jealous maybe? whenever she like started flirting with him
and now i'm freaking out
because when i was like 3 i had this little crush on andrew
like a little kid crush
and now i'm not so sure if it ever really went away..
and when i was driving home we were texting for a bit
but then he stopped texting me back and i was also texting katie and she said he was texting her back
and idk ever since then i've had this weird feeling and it won't go away no matter what and i'm not even going to see them again until december
maybe in october though because we might all go to 6 flags but idk if it's gonna happen
and i just don't know what to do...

like i said that's like a totally ridiculous problem and i'm even laughing at myself a little bit but idk i just kind of needed to tell someone and i didn't wanna do it on facebook

this took like half an hour to type on my ipod omfg
Chlohoey 1 decade ago
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omdf okay/c;
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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is it just gonna be on youtube or what
i really hope it's like on tv or something

erryone reads our comments
that's the price of fame qurly
1000 people
what is that like 1/3 of this entire website
i highly doubt that
and i said it before
some of them are lying
there are no 2 ways around it
some of them are fuucking suck ups
just like regular people
most of the people on this website aren't "special"
they're just like everyone at school that we all hate
they used to be special
but this website is crashing and burning
and she's one example of why
Chlohoey 1 decade ago
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Asians are really hard to draw sobs
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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i know i'm so happy<3

she's so adorable omgg
but seriously
i find it insulting
there is no proof that she's actually DONE much of anything
whereas here are these people who do SO much
and i saw one episode where this guy came in
and he'd been in a horrible HORRIBLE car accident and managed to survive but had been hospitalized for months
and idk i think he like campaigned a no texting and driving thing or something
that is someone who deserves to be on that show
not someone who's "accomplishments" can't even be verified and were accomplished through advertising.
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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This is off topic but
know that person we dislike

THIS is the kind of person who deserves to be on that show
not the person we dislike
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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of course they have buttholes
i mean
come on now
i miss using itD:
orly now

idk man idk
i found someone worse than one direction
i hope ur ears bleeeed
rebecca* 1 decade ago
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do cats not fart
omg that reminds me
once when i actually used yahoo! messenger
some idiot randomly asked me if girls fart
he had all these reasons that girls biologically can't fart
and i was like
dafuq go away

oh there you go
that works

he sings
so that makes up for it