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Quotes by XObreeOX

💙 There's just something about you 💙
& I've fallen for you yet again.
When some random person is talking about someone you hate >>>>>
I just want you to tell me how you feel about me.
And I want you to be 100% honest about it.
Because I can't stand not knowing if all this is worth it.
Can you please just tell me?
Why don't you care?
I know you don't
feel the same;
it's just that
you're the only
person who makes
me truly happy.
I can't stand being alone.
When I'm by myself,
that's when I start thinking
about me & you,
what we used to have,
wishing we were still
I'd give up
just for you
to love me
I don't even know
how I feel about you.
Sometimes I like you,
but I know I shouldn't,
because you'll never
care about me
the way you used to.
I'd be lying if I told you
losing you was
something I could