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It's fine I get it, if I was you I'd hate me too.
and every time i eat i hate myself a little bit more
I just really hate myself.
They tell you that their there for you and you can tell them anything and they beg you to just open up to them. So you do you start to feel again letting people in, letting them help, know what's wrong. Only for them to tell you you're saying and doing all this for attention and that your problems aren't real, that you just want sympathy.

It will kill me
and I don't care.

We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight
Even if being gay was a choice...
So what?
People choose to be as*holes and they can get married.
I've learned to assume the worse.
Teen pregnancy is more acceptable than being gay in our society today and that's really sad.