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I always find beauty in things that
 odd and imperfect - they are so
much more

- Marc Jacobs

Beauty isn't about a pretty face or body. It's about
having a pretty mind, heart and soul

That's the thing about pain. It demmands to be felt
-Augustus Waters, The fault in our stars

If people could see me
the way I see myself - if they
could live in my memories
- would anybody love me?
- John Green

Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat.
That I have one too - Shatter me, Tahereh Mafi

One Direction concert - 23/02/2013
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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

The heart has reasons the mind could never understand | via Tumblrlife. | via Tumblr

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So its been a month since I went out with this guy and he is honestly one of the most perfect people I have ever met and has helped me thorugh loads and we have a lot of things in common so its nice to know someone who gets you. I really hope I can actually see him in person soon and that we'll stay together for a while cause it would be such a loss if i lost someone as perfect as him


So follow arthur cause he's basically perfect


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          And as if
          good grades represent your knowledge on life
          And as if
          expensive clothes represent your self pride
          And as if
          your diagnosis represent you as a person



I hope you all have an amazing 2014,  much
better than this year has been. Make New
Years resolutions and try to stick to them,
because it'll make you a lot happier in the
long run. Wish you all the best xxx


              Your first true love isn't going to be your only true love.
              There will be a lot  of guys and even more heartbreaks,
              but its about learning from experiences that will give
               you the knowledge to find that one guy who  might not
               be perfect to anyone but is more than perfect to you.
              Keep looking because your prince is out there 
              somewhere, waiting for you like you are for him. It's
               just a matter of finding each other


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Let me wipe away the tears
Let me hug away the thoughts

Let me kiss away the pain 



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Things might be okay one day. Of course.
There's always the possibilty of things turning
out right in the end, just when we thought there
was no way up. But that works both ways, and
things can get worse. Or they might never get
better. But it's important to wait and see. To not
give up
. To fight for your happiness instead of
waiting around and doing nothing.  Its important to
see the good in thesmallest things because those
are the ones that spark off our positive thoughts

Things might be okay one day.  I know they will

- My quote (YouAreSoVeryBeautifulxx)


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I wonder what you think when you see me



You can love someone so much but you can
never love people as much
as you miss them
- John Green


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