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I wan't that to be us >
I actually do love you. Don't give up on me. You are the best. Talk to me everyday. I love it when you do that

But seriously. If you have problems talking to your crush, or you just want to talk to someone about your crush, I'm your person. I'd love to talk. Yay <3
I really love you. But you don't know that. It's a secret. 

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Idk, I just want someone to hold me in their arms. 

New to Witty? Here are some pointers that will make people not want to throw potatoes at you.

1) Never use abbreviations. It's annoying.
2) Know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'
3) Don't rant about how you only got an Iphone 5 and not a Iphone 5 S this Christmas. 
4) Don't tell someone to go kill themselves.
5) If you don't know Mean Girls or don't like them, well, bye. 
6) Don't talk about One Direction unless you want to start World War III 
7) Don't call yourself ugly, I mean seriously, no one is ugly. 
8) Don't promote your Tumblr blog over here. This is Witty, not Tumblr. 
9) Don't ask for faves. 99.9% of us will not fave it. 
10) Be you. You can trust us.

Do all scary movies have to be in a scary place? Can't they be in a happy place? Like Walmart:

Boss: Clean up on aisle 13
Worker: But sir, there is no aisle 13.

*Dramatic music plays*
In Math class I sit next to this guy named Xennel
He's a grade older than me, but he failed last year so he's stuck in my class.
I always thought how lucky he was because his life seemed awesome
He had a beautiful girlfriend who loved him(two years older than him)
Friends everyone would die to get the attention of
And he always seemes so happy.
He was the smiley guy who always skipped classes
One day he came to class wearing a T-shirt for the first time.
When he sat beside me, I saw his arms, all the way upto his elbow were cuts.
He saw me staring at them and he quickly covered him arms, expecting me to make fun of him. 
I hugged him tight. 
Since then, we became best friends. 

I just wanted to say how thankful I am for having my family with me for the holidays
I just keep thinking of the poor Newtown families
And everyone who lost a loved one
~Be thankful~
Seinna: LOL, I told your crush that you liked him last year and you never guessed I was betraying you 
Me: ...I trusted you 
Another friend:  Hey seinna, I hinted to your crush that someone likes him.
Seinna: *Sobbing* How could you. 
Me: The f/ck?


Me: Well, since everyone is posting pictures of their bf/gf, here is mine.


about account

makers who make

these kind of weird accounts


And I agree with you guys.

You guys do deserve a lot of followers,

way more followers than me.

You guys have been here longer and

well, it's only fair.

But truthfully
I did not make this account for loads of followers.

I made this account to make people smile

and/or give them advice on how to deal with their crushes

and even hear stories about school with their crushes and stuff.

I just wanted a small circle of people who I could do that with.

If i wanted loads of followers,

I'd make a fake account of a guy

with a guy's name in my username (hah)

But I didn't do that.

So to the people that's mad at me,

I'm sorry.

You guys do deserve a lot more followers. 



When I follow someone,




I was just trying to make you smile



I actually do like you
You'd realize that when I follow you

*Look at my name*