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I wan't that to be us >
I actually do love you. Don't give up on me. You are the best. Talk to me everyday. I love it when you do that

But seriously. If you have problems talking to your crush, or you just want to talk to someone about your crush, I'm your person. I'd love to talk. Yay <3
I really love you. But you don't know that. It's a secret. 

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R.I.P To the Children, Animals, Adults and the Elderly that die everyday but aren't mentioned in the media because they are not famous.

The Witty Anthem.



"If a man whistles you, don't turn around
ignore him because, you're a lady not a dog"
- Niall Horan  


is it just me or does christmas feel weird this year?

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Liam trying to sneak you out:
Liam: hi babe lets go i'll help you
Liam: no wait this is wrong its getting dark.
Liam: whens your bedtime
Liam: Your parents are going to be so mad.
Liam: we shouldn't do this
Liam: I'm so sorry i suggested this.
Liam: I'll tuck you in.
Liam: no i shouldn't be here.
Liam: But i should tuck you in...
Liam: ok i'll tuck you in.
On October 3rd, everyone should come to school in a pink shirt.
All the news reporters would come to the schools and be like, "Mysterious phenomenon when high school kids all over the nation wear pink," and then a news reporter would to a student and asks why this is happening and the student would say--
"On Wednesday's, we wear pink."

Your crush showers naked. Just thought you should know.


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Who said

I can't wear my


with my dress?

well maybe,

thats just me.