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Jannette | 20 | TEXAS
I'd like to think I'm pretty rad.

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nicole🌹* 6 years ago
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Hi Jannette! Hope all is well with you, again. :)
Hope to talk soon.
mars* 6 years ago
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aw jannette you're still so gorg and amazing, if not more than ever. i'm dropping in on all of my old witty pals even if they aren't active bc why not??? I miss the lil community. hugs xo
Amenah 7 years ago
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i have finally made it #official and "left" witty. i didn't want you to find out by just stumbling on my profile so here is my obnoxious leaving notice. ♡♡
Skimrande 9 years ago
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i've never talked to you because i'm so bad at conversations but your quotes are amazing and you are so cute
seafoam* 9 years ago
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I like you because you're sweet. I like you because you have a captivating smile. I like you because even though sometimes you struggle, you continue to go about your daily life and be the strong woman I know you are. I like you because you're a role model and a big sister to me. I like you because you're fabulous in every way, shape, and form. ♥
fallen empires* 9 years ago
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Ayee I haven't been on in 6 months but hey I really missed you wow
*y i k e s* 9 years ago
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J: joyful
A: amazing af
N: nothing but perfect
N: note-worthy
E: enchanting
T: tantalizing
T: top notch hot
E: everything anyone wants
* Sabaism * 9 years ago
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Gorgeous Jannette,

How odd because you're my inspiration as well. You are so wise and perfect and funny and just amazing, okay? Everyone loves you and even those who don't are secretly in love with you because you are literally the greatest person to ever leave. Even when you're at your worst you still do everything in your power to make sure your friends are happy and okay. That's easily one of my favourite things about you. Then there's your music taste like omfl you have no idea how much I love going to your profile just to listen to your music because it always has some deep meaning and it's just great. I could make a list of everything perfect about you but I'd have to list everything about you and that may get annoying to read so just know that everything about you is perfect.
We havn't talked much recently but I'm so glad that hasn't changed the fact that you're bae because sdjkgd. But I am going to work on talking to you more because I miss talking to you. Lately something has seemed to be missing, I realize that it's you. Talking to you is the highlight of my day and so I will talk to you much more often because I really miss it.
Reid reminds me of you for more reasons than your absolute love from him. He's caring, brilliant, gorgeous, and a problem solver. Does those qualities ring a bell? They should because they're a few that you posses.
I guess I'll end this with saying that you have never EVER hurt me, so please don't think you have. You are so sweet I don't think you ever could hurt me. And you have also never done anything wrong. Well, the only thing you've ever did wrong is thinking you did something wrong because you're perfect and don't do anything wrong. And, I suppose, in celebration of our one year you can have Reid because cough I know you love him probably as much as I love you.
Take care, angel. You are brilliant.

*Sorry for the rambling and how it's all over the place. I know it's confusing, do forgive me.*