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My name is Kate!<3


Beautiful eyes


Quotes by _KaterinaB_

One day someone is
going to hug you so
tight,that all of 
your broken pieces 
will stick back 




Bruno Mars.

Today my little Potato has birthday.Yes I am talking about Niall Horan,my angel who saved my life!He is my everything and now he is a big man!20 year-old!I just love him!He is so cute,funny and everything.He has the best personality ever!I would like to be with him this day  but it's difficult.He is my whole life and I love him so much!He can make my day with just a smile in the pictures!I can wrote a book with million reasons why I love him so much!So,I wish to him Happy Birthday,to have the best times in his life.Be happy and stay cute,beautiful,funny for ever!And don't change!♥We love him!Happy Birthday my hero!♥Wish you the best!:D♥

                                                                                                                                                Remember when we
                                                                                                                                                used to get on the computer 
                                                                                                                                                just for paint?


Me: I can't eat anymore,I'm full!
Mum; Do you want any desert?


If you don't like me

please don't pretend

to like me ever.


P utting your hood on

like a boss.

He has a girlfriend.  
and it isn't me.

How to sleep faster:
Decorate your bedroom to look like classroom.

I hate it when

websites asks "Are you a human?"

No.I am a Potato.