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&& I can not think of a time where;

I have been happier.

those moments;
where every time you see him.
You're heart stops for a second,
just to make sure you're alive.
Or when, holding his hand makes you feel safer.
Or his smile makes your face light up.
When you realize his happiness is more important to you than your own
 When you're with him, and you just want to kiss him a million times over.
When the feeling of his arms, not being around you keeps you up at night.
When his voice is the only thing that can put you to sleep.
When the kisses you share are just like the ones you've always dreamed of.
When you're holding hands on a walk, and you feel like you're in a movie.
When you can't stop smiling because you're
with him.
When you laugh uncontrollably, because he knows just how to make you do that.
When you start to love yourself, because you know he does,
and that's the only opinion that matters to you anymore.
When his likes become yours and your dislikes
become his.
When he sits with you on the phone for hours,
not saying a single word,because he loves hearing you talk.
 When he stays up all night with you, even though he completely exhausted.
When you can't stop thinking about him. Or talking about him.
When you could go on and on and on,

about how much he loves fishing, and hunting,
or how good he is with kids.
those moments that make you realize you've fallen
those moments that make you realize, you're going to be caught..

all my life
I've never had anyone, be mean to me. no scratch that, I've never had anyone be truthful with me. I've never had anyone tell me what they really thought about me. I mean yeah, I've had people call me names, and tell me they think I'm a b*tch, but really what does that do? nothing really. I'm really not a nice person, in fact I'm a huge b*tch, and I've finally realized this- thanks to one person, on witty. and if he sees this, he'll know who he is. Throughout our entire friendship, I thought that I was the worlds best friend, that I was always there for him, and I always made him laugh, but come to find out, I was completely wrong. I was never there for him, I was always there to make sure he was there for me. I didn't help him with anything. I didn't do anything for him. and that makes me feel terrible because that kid meant everything to me. so if you see this- I really am sorry. and I don't expect you to be my friend again, and I hope things get better for you. and I didn't use names for a reason because I wasn't sure if people would b*tch you out, and you don't need that. I'm sorry for everything. and thank you for making me realize that I need to change.

///////////-ixn lxixfxe

you'll learn that there are a lot
of people that
 .you can't trust.

&& when you find out who

these people are don't be mad

be glad that you know exactly who
not to trust with your secrets.

I'm so unhappy with myself.


when did the people 

on witty become so 

I wish;

that i could blame everyone else for what's wrong with me.
I wish I could blame society for cutting myself.
I wish I could blame my stepdad for my ocd.
I wish I could blame my parents for my dependancy issues.
I wish I could blame guys for why I'm depressed.
I wish I could blame my real dad for my anger issues.
I wish I could blame all the skinny people for  why I don't eat.
I wish I could just throw all my problems onto other people and say 
"you caused this, so fix it!"
but I can't. because it's not really their fault.
it's mine.
I let this happen to myself.
we all blame society for the way we act, and yes they do have some impact.
but the truth is, it's really our own fault.
Society isn't my worst enemy.
I'm my own worst enemy.
and I created these monsters, so now I must destroy them myself.


and I'd like to convince myself that it never happened.
but my scars constantly remind me.


I'm so sick
of being upset, all the time.
for once
I'd like to know what being happy feels like.♥