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Hi, I'm Anna.
Just Your average misunderstood teen.
Living my life completly care-free.
I've choosen to take live as it comes.
I enjoy Hello Kitty, Cats, Bows, Food, Yoga, Softball, Over-sized Shirts, Fuzzy Socks, Ramen.
Well its basically my life.
DubStep, MayDay Parade, AllTimelow, The Ready Set, NeverShoutNever, Sleeping With Sirens, Asking Alexandra, Escape The Fate, Five Finger Death Punch, Falling in Reverse, Of Mice and Men, A Day to Remember, Pierce The Veil, Imagine Dragons, Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides,Crown the Empire, My Chemical Romance, Paramore,  He Is We, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Kid CuDi, MGK, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Mister Mag, Jezzy, Demi Lovato.
I'm sure your probably bored by now. But there's many, many more.
I Honestly don't have many friends. But i have two.
I love them to death.
If you ever need someone to talk to or just a friend, don't hesitate to ask me for help.
I'm always here for each and everyone of you.
Ive either been through it all, or know someone who has.
Always remember your never alone.
And Your always Beautiful.



aehadden99's Favorite Quotes

My dad: So I'm thinking about buying you
some crocs

Every year for Halloween I wanted to be a pumpkin, sunflower, m&m, turtle.

But, when you get older, the costumes tend to get smaller. Finessing curves into eyecandy instead of masterpiece. American beauty turned apple pie cutie.

So, this year, I decided to be a school teacher, nurse, fairy, Wonder Woman.

But, when I went to buy the costume I was like, "Where's the rest of it.? Is B for books or boobs? Was the toothfairy a stripper? To check temperatures or raise them? Oh, hell no. Heels?"

Halloween has become a different type of freakshow and all that I am don't fit prettily into polyester and spandex.

I'd much rather be a sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Lochness. Goblin, ghoul, a zombie with no conscience. Everybody knows I'm a motherfcking monster.

Society is trying to squeeze the fantasy out of us--turn our feminine fatal.

So, this year I think I'll be monster. Let me be mummy--empty of all organs so they'd never fail me. Only my heart would remain, the center of inteligence and emotion. But, I'd never need to feel another pair of greedy eyes on me.


I'd much rather be vampire--my reflection disapearing every time I looked in the mirror so I wouldn't have to worry about flaws that stare blankly back at me. I will suck everyone woman's sterotype out of your throats.


I've heard that some of the most beautiful women are the craziest ones. On a good day I'm human, on a full moon--werewolf that I exist when the lunar ticks. Ticking 'till the time comes when I'm finally comfortable in my own skin.


Let me be your worst nightmare for one night. I'll shed away my wings and  Betsy Johnson's and I'll play boogieman. See, I know what you're afraid of--A woman who can do bad, no evil, all by herself. But, nowadays, boogieman is a lot less frightening than a strong woman.


But, no matter what garments we wrap ourselves in, 
a woman's status as trick, treat, or geek is not up for discussion.

A woman dressing, acting, or being should be her choice.

If a woman wants to wear a skimpy outfit, let it be her choice.

If a woman wants to cover up let it be her choice.

If I wanna be a motherfcking monster then let it be my choice.

Is B for books or for boobs? Both.

To check temperatures or raise them? Both.

Was the tooth fairy a stripper? Maybe.

But who cares?

See, I'd much rather be woman and if it means that I must be a monster then
Happy Halloween.
Don't kick me when I'm down because when I get up your f*cked!
This quote does not exist.
Thoughts while playing hide
and seek.

They will never find me.
Damn I gotta pee.

& i've traded my 
Converse for Sperry's,
yoga pants for jeans,
and crop tops for collared shirts.
it's not called changing--
it's called
"growing up."

This quote does not exist.
That moment when you hear a person you know swear and you thought they would never swear.
*parents are sleeping*
me: alright better be quiet they need some sleep

*I'm sleeping*
parents: ok it's time to vacuum for hours and yell at eachother and put glass in the garbage disposal and land a helicopter on the roof and scream at the nieghbors and watch a movie





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