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Quotes by AenslyLeon31

Yes, I am a killjoy.

Small town, just north of the city,
There's a
girl all alone by the window in need and she,
She's thinking that this worlds too much to take
And they could use one less heart to break
stares down at the world below
Fools herself
to thinking she should just let go,
I know
I wish she knew she wasn't so alone.


Did you know that...
"The guy who wrote 'Alice in Wonderland' tried to marry an 11 year old girl named Alice when he was 31?"


i'm officially addicted to tumblr...&now it's down...someone shoot me. 


I'm really good @ Algebra
cause i can replace you're X.

Sweet Disposition;

Like no ones
Watching you
A moment, a love, a dream, aloud
A kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs


So stay there... 

My alarm clock...

Is clearly jealous of my relationship, with my: 


Make sure when

you take a picture from your bathroom, to post on Facebook,

That the toilet's flushed...

cause the default i just saw....damn. -.-