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Hope yu like mah quotes!:))

When yu said we'd be together for ever I thought that was till we died... Forever isnt as long as it used to be.. Is it?
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Hello stranger my name is Aisy. My real name is Aislinn.. Weird name huh? Im 14 years old I blow the candles out on May 2nd. I live in a small town of Iowa. drama! I'm recently single so don't be shy!;)) Umm I'm out for volleyball nd track. I love to hangout with my friends and meet new people.. So hmu?!;))
 When yu said we would be together thought that was till we died.. Forever is sooner then we thought.. Huh?
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Quotes by aisywight


Hey baby, wanna come over tonight?
Sure! What you wanna do?


I'll give you a hint, it involves pillows and blankets;))

That awkard moment when you have to make up an excusenot to hang out with someone cause you rather chill at home. ♥


We should talk.
Talk about what? About all the times you lied, or how you broke my heart? Is that what you wanna talk about? I'm stupid for letting you walk all over me and never complained once. I'm stupid for always running back to you, but you just wanted to play the game. I actually wanted to be with you. I hope she's good with dealing with bullshit cause your nothing but it.


Promise me you wont love anyother girl than me.
I cant.


So theres someone else?
Yes. And she looks exacly like you but younger. And she will call you "mommy."


How can I tell her "I love you"?
Just do it!


Okay.. Let's practice with you?


I love you.
I love you too, now go tell her!


Just did. <3

Just give me

time & I'
ll get



Its so hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remeber.

     I just wanted to say one last thing. Thank yu for teaching me who not to trust. Thank yu for showing me how people turn into the person they said they'd never be. Thank yu for not being there when that was when I needed yu the most. Nd thank yu for breaking me heart.
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