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i took my first breath on April 30th 1996 @ 9:45AM. My parents then gave me the name Alyssa Kathleen Willel. I'm gonna be a freshman at PA. I'm single. i've lived in this world for 14 years. I have blue eyes, blonde hair. im very irish, but im not a whittie. i tan like crazy. im not a prep, nor a jock. im just what i amm. I love make-up &* doing my hair. i hate not looking good. im self-consious. i mess up on everything. when someones sad i feel its my place to make them happy. i laugh non stop. i hate going to bed early &* waking up early. don't judge me by what you hear because im most likely diffrent then what u hear. i dont drink, i dont smoke. music is my life. think you can handle whaat i got ? (: try me ouuut.


Quotes by alyssaaakathleeen1234

 my heart is not your dick,
so stop playing with it (:

-whoever cammee up with this, iloveyou <333* haha

- not minee.

&* you know what i miss the most about you ?
the way you hugged me when i was sad,
the way you kissed me when i got mad,
&* the way you stared at me when i couldn't stand to stare at anything but the ground.
in every way,
i miss you. 

alll minneee ( :

 one mintue we are here, 
 then the next we could be qone,

 don't live life with reqretsz,

 live life to the fullest

 &* don't waste ur timee on stupid stuff,

 make a dream dont dream it,

 live ur dream<33*




 -all minneee<33

copy it, qive me summ credit please (:

"we may look like barbie,
but we smoke like marley"

 i do not like the new wittty, i can not chanqe my font, color, size, or anythinq, as u can tell. so yeah

1. male friend: brendan or austin or bryant
2. female friend: christa or steph or allie
3. vacation: north conway 
4. age: 10
5. memory: April 2nd, 2009 

1. Time of day: qettinq up in the morninq 
2. Day of the week: mondaaysz
3. Food: seafooooood. blahhh.
4. Memory: April 21st, 2010 
5. Subject: Science
1. Person u saw: austin(:
2. Talk on the phone with: mom.
3. Hugged: austin
4. IM: brendan

1. Kiss: nick
2. Car: no drivinq for me yett. 
3. First school: Grinnell Elemantry School
4. Job: babysitting

1. What are you doing now: this thinqy.
2. Tonight: sleeping
3. Wearing: jeansz sweater more.. 
4. what did you eat for lunch: pizzaaa. 
5: Better than yesterday: nahhh

1. Is: sunday. 
2. Got any plans: coookout. 
3. Goal: to qet drunk
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: i dont qet to hanq with people:(
5. Do you have work: naahhh yoo.

1. Number: 69 (:
2 Song: need you now, lady antebellum.
3. Color: bluuueeee.
4.Season: summer.
5. State: massachusetts where the massholes drive<333

1. Are you in love?: i hoppeee.
2 Dating someone: yess mamm' or siiiiiir.
3.Missing someone: my baby (:
4. Mood: happppppy <33(: