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About Me
Hello there, my name is Erin. I'm just your average teenage girl, or whatever you'd consider average lol. I have great friends (check out LovelyLittleMind, OliviaLee,and lenak0902), a boyfriend whom I love so much, and a great family. I can be a little...very depressive,and crazy at times. But I guess you could say I'm "a little odd, but charming." 
I love everything to do with the arts, they're just so amazing! I like writing,reading,drawing,singing,dancing,and acting. The arts are just my life pretty much. Especially music.
Anyway, I'm gonna let you continue on your lovley day. Have a nice happy life!

P.S. I love you
Songs That I Relate To Today
Hate Me-Blue October
All Shook-Elvis Presley
Awake and Alive-Skillet
Bruised and Scarred-Mayday Parade
Bulletproof-Family Force 5
City-Hollywood Undead
Dance with the Devil-Breaking Benjamin
All I Want-A Day To Remember
The Death of Me-City and Colour
Die Trying
Don't Worry About Me-Break Ke Baad
Hear Me Now-Hollywood Undead
Here We Are-Breaking Benjamin
Tomorrow Will Be Kinder
Scar Tissue-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Still Breathing-Mayday Parade
Innocent-Taylor Swift
Tied Together With A Smile-Taylor Swift
Would It Matter-Skillet



Quotes by amaryllisxwinthrop

                                                                    (  in SEOLONELINESS
                AND  SADNESS


One more tear, falling down your face

Doesn't mean that much to the world
One more loss in a losing life

Doesn't hurt so bad anymore


{I don't care what you say,
              this person isn't me
Now ionlcould
             find myself


      I'm surrounded by people,
                   BUT I'M COMPLETELY ALONE 


I never thought it would happen
I never thought they would be right
I don't know what to think

othoughts ,itbeen a month,
 you can go away now...please


don't waste today
makinup foyesterday

if everyone says something.
imusbe tru... right ?


    Elle me dit  C'est ta vie
             (  (  (          un jour       )  )  )  
            tu t'en voudra

Pourqoui tu gâches ta vie?