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                                chapter one•mini series 

She saw him in eighth grade. Allison would stare at him, but he wouldn't stare back. Allison would sit in the back of the class, and watch the back of his neck tense whenever he got frustrated. She would watch him run his fingers through his hair while he concentrates on one of Mr.Johnson's ridiculous math problems. 
That was when she started to pay attention in class. Allison knew that he struggled with all of the problems thrown at him, and she wanted to help (she really just wanted to speak with the boy.) She would answer all of the questions on the board. She only answered because she wanted him to notice her.
He didn't.
So she kept trying. And trying. And trying. Every chance she got. She would get one of her bestfriends to go and talk to him just so she could jump into the conversation. He would acknowledge her presence, but nothing more than that. 
Her friends would offer to go and try again.
"No. It's fine. It doesn't matter. He's just some boy." She would reply.

It's the last day of middle school now. Allison had never made conversation with the boy, but he did notice her. He would feel someone staring at him from the back of the class, turn around, and he would see Allison's burning gaze. She bit on her bottom lip; she didn't know if she should wave or not. She continued to stare into his eyes and waited for him to look away.
He never did. 
He would smile, she would smile back, and then he would turn around. 

Broken Rules
                                chapter five • one direction AU slash 

Niall and Zayn have been on a few dates, and Niall is completely stoked, but frustrated, too. There is the slightest possibility that Zayn could be Niall's new boyfriend, and Liam agrees, but it's just the time that Niall is frustrated with. There have been multiple scenarios where Zayn could come out, and ask Niall and Niall says yes. Niall even makes sure to walk extra slow with Zayn just in case Zayn decides to ask the blonde. 
"I'm sure he will come around." Harry squeezes Niall's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, but that is no use. 
Sure, Harry is one of Niall's close friends, and Niall loves Harry to death, but Liam is better in these type of situations. 
"Yeah, guess so. Ya'seen Li?" Niall looks past all of the circles of teenagers giving him glares. He just wants to find his friend and sob into his strong shoulders. 
"He went with Louis to the football field." 
The late bell rings, and Harry gathers his books. He waves Niall goodbye as he rushes off to his first class. Niall isn't sure if he should go down to the field or just head to class. Liam and Louis might be having a private session of personal things, or whatever, but Niall needs Liam so he decides to go, despite all of his thoughts. 
Niall makes his way, slowly, down the stairs that lead to the football field. There's no sight of Liam or Louis anywhere, and Niall is just about to leave when he starts hearing familiar voices. He turns his head towards the bleachers, and bites his tongue to hold back his scream, but that doesn't work because Louis and Liam quckly release each other and spread away. Louis' face is a deep shade of red, one Niall has never seen before, and Liam doesn't even meet Niall's gaze.
"Please don't tell Harry." Louis breaks the uncomfortable silence. He doesn't even notice the way Liam's shoulders tense when he said Harry's name. 
"I won't." He says, but it's directed to Liam. Niall would tell Harry, but it's Liam. Sweet, fun, innocent Liam. He couldn't do that to his bestfriend. 
"Thanks." Louis mumbles, and shuffles down the stairs of the bleachers. He nods Niall goodbye before giving Liam an "I'm sorry" look and rushing off.
"What happened?" Niall sits in front of Liam. He's known that Liam has had a burning crush on Louis for ages and he knows that Liam is relatively close to Harry, and that Liam doesn't mean to hurt him. 
"I don't know. We were talking about Zayn, and, of course, Louis cracked a few jokes about my appearance. But I took it the wrong way, obviously, and I kissed him and you came." Liam rushes the words out of his mouth -- but he still won't look at Niall.
"Well, you have a crush, Li." 
"Harry. Poor Harry. What if he finds out? I'm dead." This time Liam is the one crying on Niall's shoulder. 
Niall decides, obviously, that it would be best to ask for advice on Zayn later. 

Broken Rules
                                chapter four • one direction AU slash 

"He's going to hate me, Liam. I can't do this." Niall mumbles into the phone that is pressed against his sweaty ear. He leans against the library building and digs the tip of his shoes in the gravel. He can't walk in knowing that Zayn is going to be waiting for him looking unreal and perfect and gorgeous and sexy and hot and should Niall go on?
"Nialler, he asked you out. Obviously he's interested." Liam sighs at Niall's sudden lack of confidence. Niall is normally so hyper, jumpy, and eccentric. He's always full of life and confidence. Since when can a boy change that?
Zayn wasn't just any other boy to Niall. Zayn was this perfect human-being that, Niall thought, could fly and save him from any harm and danger. 
"I don't know, Li." 
"He likes you, alright? Now I'm going to hang up and I want you to walk in that library like it ain't nobody's business."
Niall laughs at Liam's choice of words; he's a little surprised, too. "You're always so proper."
"Yeah, well, different is good, right?" 
Niall starts to say something about Zayn, but Liam quickly hangs up on him. Niall curses at the phone as if Liam could somehow hear him. Might as well get on with it, Niall thinks. He's here and he should start taking risks. So he does. He bursts through the library and he lets go of a breath that he's been holding since he left home when he sees Zayn smiling and waving at him. He didn't stand him up, that's a good sign, Niall mumbles to himself before taking a seat at the table covered with textbooks with Zayn.
"Hey." Zayn grins.
"Hi. You got started without me?" Niall glances down at the paper next to Zayn covered in numbers and doodles.
"Just figured it would be easier." 
Niall nods and takes Zayn's textbook and starts writing numbers rapidly. He already took this class, and even though he's a year younger than Zayn, he's smarter than the boy; so he figured he could just do all the work and Zayn would copy it into his handwriting. 
"Are you doing my maths?" Zayn raises an eyebrow at the blonde and snatches the pencil from Niall's sweaty hand, but Zayn doesn't seem to notice (at least he doesn't show it.)
"Isn't that what you wanted me to do?" Niall suddenly feels insecure again and leans against the wooden chair, rocking it slowly back and forth. 
Zayn laughs and Niall is confused. Again. 
"What's so funny?" Niall pouts. Zayn is probably laughing at him. People are probably going to come inside with cameras and everyone will be laughing because he actually believed that Zayn likes him. Isn't that why he's laughing?
"I don't want you to do my maths. Heck, I don't even want to do my maths. I just want to talk to you." Zayn smiles and shuts the textbook. He eagerly puts the books and notebooks and paper into his bookbag, but his mysterious amber eyes are still locked with Niall's anxious blue ones. 
"Then why are we at a library?" Niall looks at all the people studying and reading and writing papers. It's no place to talk, really. 
"We can leave. Wanna go to the park? It isn't that dark." Zayn stands up, not taking no for an answer obviously, and walks out of the library with Niall following behind him. 
"Want me to drive?" Niall reaches into his pocket and twirls his car keys around his shaking finger. He stops once he notices it and prays that Zayn doesn't notice it. He doesn't, Niall guesses, since he didn't say anything about it. He just smiled and shook his head. "I rather walk. Can I hold your hand?"
Niall smiles at Zayn's boldness and how he gets quick to the point. Niall smiles and entwines his fingers with Zayn's. 

Broken Rules
                                chapter two • one direction AU slash 

"So I asked some people and I figured out that your boyfriend's name is Zayn." Louis slides next to Niall and slams his biology book on the table.
"My boyfriend?" Niall blushes slightly at the term, even if there is absolutely no way that he will actually be able to call Zayn that. 
"Duh. Have you talked to him?" 
Niall shakes his head. "Nope. Haven't seen him since lunch. I think we were hallucinating." 
Louis chuckles and pokes Niall with his pencil, making Niall jump back in shock. "Are we hallucinating again?" He points towards the door and Niall's heart nearly jumps out of his chest for the second time that day.
Zayn walks into the class and stands awkwardly in front of everyone as the teacher introduces him. He starts to scan the room, obviously not paying attention to what the teacher is asking him, and smiles when he makes eye contact with Niall.  The room stops and spins then stops again when Zayn winks at Niall. 
"Zayn you can sit behind Louis and Niall." The teacher points out the two boys and returns to writing on the board. She clearly didn't notice the, dare I say, moment Niall and Zayn just shared. 
"This should be interesting." Niall hears Louis mumble to himself as Zayn slips into his seat behind them.
"Get out a pencil and paper." 
Niall feels fingers tap his shoulder and he feels his face heat up when he turns to see Zayn's face mere inches away from his.
"Can I borrow a pencil?" Zayn's wonderful, thick accent is, as corny as it sounds, music to Niall's ears. He can't help but imagining what it would be like to have that voice singing him to sleep at night and those arms wrapped around his body. 
Niall's brain stops working so Louis curses under his breath and gives Zayn a pencil. "He's a lil weird."
Zayn smiles politely at Louis, then turns back to Niall. "I'm Zayn." Zayn places his hand on Niall's shoulder and smiles when Niall's eyes glance at his hand then back at him. "You're Niall right?"
Louis coughs and Niall bounces back to reality. "Um, err, yeah."
"Niall." Zayn smiles and leans back in his chair. "I could get used to that."
these last few chapters have been really boring i know but i have to introduce the story annnnnd aaaall thaaat.


Broken Rules
                                chapter one • one direction AU slash 

"Can you do number........24? Please Nialler." Louis slides his pre-calc worksheet across the lunch table towards Niall, the braniac of the four boys. 
"Lou, I already showed you." Liam grumbles and steals the cookie off of Harry's plate. Niall waits for Harry to say something, but he doesn't. He's too consumed with Louis to pay attention. Harry looks down towards his crotch, then looks back up and smiles at Louis. Niall already knows that they are most likely holding hands and playing with each other's fingers.
On one of Niall's sappy days, he loves the two boys to death, but this isn't a sappy day. It's more like an Ihateeveryoneinarelationshipday. It seems like everyone around him is in a relationship except for him. It's sickening. 
"That new kid has been staring at us forever." Liam looks passed Niall and wrinkles his nose, obviously disturbed at the boy behind Niall.

"I noticed that. I thought he was staring at you, Liam," Harry pauses to take a bite into his apple. Louis groans and elbows Harry playfully; a gesture telling Harry to hurry. "But then you went to throw your trash away and he didn't even blink. He's staring at Niall." 
"Is he cute?" Niall asks casually. The other boys all know that he's gay and it's no secret to the rest of the school. 
"Gorgeous. I swear, I can see his eyelashes from here." Louis might as well be drooling at the new kid, whose name slipped Niall's brain.
"What's his name again?" Harry asks Liam since Liam knows everyone in the school.
"I have no clue. All I know is that he's on the football team. I saw him at practice the other day." 
Liam was a social butterfly, popular, and on the football team. Niall never knew why he hung out with them, but he never questioned it. He was just happy he had friends. 
"Quiet! He's coming over." Louis shushes the boys and starts shoving a sandwich into his mouth, the mayo dripping off his lips. 
Niall laughs as Harry wipes Louis' face as the new boy walks passed and Louis droops his head in embarrassment. Niall catches a glance of the boy and his heart stops. The boy was indeed gorgeous and man, was he tan. Niall couldn't help but imagine how his pale skin would constrast to the boy's tan skin sprawled on top of him.
"Oi, you're blushing!" Louis snaps him from his daydream. Niall frowns and looks at the new kid.
Niall can feel his face turn a brighter shade of red when the boy smiles and winks at him.
"Was that a wink?" Harry gasps and nudges Niall.
"I think you're hallucinating." Niall shrugs it off and continues to eat his lunch.
How can he eat when the most gorgeous guy just winked at him?  


Broken Rules
                                prologue • one direction AU slash 

Football players don't associate with math geeks. 
It's one of those rules that exist in high school. It's unspoken, but everyone follows it. The players in Niall's school don't shove him into lockers or punch him senseless; it isn't like that. Sure, they send cruel words his way (especially because of his sexuality), but they don't go as far as beating him up. 
That all changes once a particularly new player in the game approaches Niall and gives him something he has always craved, love and affection. 
before you start going on and on asking me about the other fic, i'm still going to finish it. i just wanted to try writing slash (gay fanfic) because i never tried it before, but i love reading it. so yeah, i'm going to write 2 stories. okay thank you

                                chapter thirteen

She groans as her phone vibrates against her, making her headache even worse. She gets up quickly then winces at the sharp pain in her head. 
"Worse hangover ever." She mumbles and reaches for her phone, frowning at all of Liam's texts and calls. 
Her face flushes from anger then embarrassment and then anger again. 
Liam promised he wouldn't sleep with her. He promised that he loved Kennedy with all of his heart. 
There was a sharp pain in her chest when she stumbles off the bed and on the cold floor. She groans when the doorbell starts to ring continuously, cursing herself for drinking and promising that she would never do it again (what a laugh). 
"I'm coming, geez." She brings her hand to her pounding head; the headache now worse no thanks to the constant banging on the door. She swings the door open, frowning when the wood hits the wall. 
"I thought you were dead!" Liam's voice fills her ears, the stabbing in her chest coming back.
"Why are you here?" Kennedy frowns at him and even considers slamming the door in his face, but doesn't.
"Like I said, I thought you were dead!" Liam groans and pushes passed Kennedy and leans against the kitchen counter.
How could he just welcome himself in? He wasn't welcome here, Kennedy made that very clear last night. 
"I don't need you checking up on me. I'm fine." 
Just as the words leave her lips, she's moaning in pain and pushing her index fingers on her temples. Liam quickly rushes to her aid and guides her over to the couch, forcing her to lay down. 
"I'm fine." 
"Doesn't seem like it."
"Well I am."
She doesn't remember when she left and slammed the door to her room shut. She throws herself on her bed, trying to make her sobs as quiet as possible. 
"I didn't mean to make you upset." Liam frowns at Kennedy's body, her shoulders shaking from the obvious crying.
"You mean just now? Or last night?" She wipes her eyes on her pillow, leaving a few mascara stains, sits up and stares at Liam's eyes. 
He holds her hand (wait how did he get over to her so fast?) and Kennedy's mind starts racing. Should she let go? Should she slap him? No, see what he does. So she waits, waits for Liam's next move. 
Lips come crashing against hers as they both fall to the bed. It's all so wrong, Kennedy thinks. 
She lets go and leaves the bed, not seeing Liam's eyes fill with the tears he was about to shed. 
If she would have turned around, she would have seen Liam stretching his arms out to her, longing for her to melt into them. If she would have turned around, she would have seen the tears streaming down Liam's face uncontrollably. But she didn't. 
She learned her lesson and got her heart torn in two; now it's time for Liam to do the same. 

                                chapter twelve

She was finally going to tell Charlotte. She was going to tell Charlotte about all the lying, cheating, and backstabbing. She was going to tell Charlotte about all the sleepless nights with Liam (not in detail, obviously) and all the secrets they kept.
It was tonight. 
Kennedy bangs on Charlotte's door, the alcohol swimming through her (she knew she couldn't do it sober). 
"Oh, it's you." Charlotte frowns at Kennedy's limp body and Kennedy smiles at her, prepared to give her the entire truth. 
"I need to talk to you." Kennedy rushes into her friend's apartment, uninvited, and goes over her 'speech' through her head.
Charlotte looks nervously passed Kennedy's shoulder and bites hard on her bottom lip. Kennedy ignores it and continues babbling. 
"This might be really hard and, heck, it's hard for me. You're my bestfriend and you're going to hate me for the rest of your life, probably. You won't want to see my face ever again and I understand that. I do, really." The drunk thoughts spill off of Kennedy's lips easily. 
Charlotte isn't paying any attention to Kennedy, instead focusing on her bedroom door. Or what's in her bedroom, waiting for her. She walks to the kitchen, only because it's a better view of inside her door. 
"But I feel like I need to tell you." Kennedy's thoughts suddenly stop when she gets a better view of what Charlotte is wearing. 
It's obvious that there are no under-garments being worn under her baseball tee. The shirt that is obviously too big for her. The shirt that looks exactly like the one Liam had on when he left his apartment last night to go explain to Zayn what happened, since Kennedy was too tired to follow.
The shirt that is the baseball tee Liam was wearing last night.
"He's here, isn't he?" Kennedy frowns, all the confidence being ripped away from her. 
Charlotte smirks and nods. "Liam? Of course."
Kennedy doesn't hesistate to slap her this time. "You knew that I liked him!"
"I've known the entire time. Ever since I introduced you to Liam, I knew." Charlotte spats,ignoring the red palm print on her cheek. 
Liam rushes in the kitchen, still adjusting his boxers onto his body. His face flushes when he looks up and sees Kennedy, in tears, staring at him in agonizing pain. 
That's all that comes out of Liam's mouth. Just a simple oh. No sorry, no explanation. Just 'oh'
"Oh?" Kennedy screams and runs out the door. 
This time with no intentions of meeting Liam.

                                chapter eleven

The room spins, everything gets louder, and Kennedy's heart is racing. How could she do that? Hit her bestfriend? Charlotte's crouched on the floor, still unaware of what exactly happened. Kennedy doesn't even know what happened. So she runs. Runs to her car, ignoring Zayn's and Liam's pleads of 'stop'. Kennedy had to leave. She should have told Charlotte she was sorry and explained to Liam what was going on through her head, but she didn't even know herself. 
She didn't even know why she was driving to Liam's apartment. She knew he would follow her and she was right. Just moments after she shut the door, Liam came barging in. 
"Why did you run? Did you not hear me and Zayn screaming for you?" Liam's voice is full of anger but his eyes tell a completely different story. He's upset, worried, and exhausted in one night. 

"I heard you." Kennedy mumbles and avoids Liam's burning gaze, ashamed and confused about her recent actions.
Liam sighs, frustrated at himself. He wants to comfort her, really, but he doesn't have a clue about what's going on. So he hugs her. And Kennedy melts against his body, and breathes in his heavy scent.
The scent that still lingers on her clothes from all of the hugs and kisses.
The scent that still lingers on her blankets and pillow cases from the cuddling and that one night  that left her soar in the morning. 
The scent that she loves and looks forward to each night. 
"I punched her, Li." Kennedy says against his shirt, hoping that the pet name will soften the blow.
"Really?" Liam's voice is full of amusement and surprise. Even though Kennedy isn't looking at him, she knows he's trying his best not to laugh.
"It isn't funny." She groans and playfully pushes him away from her. 
"It kinda is." He doesn't hold the laugh back anymore. Once it's out, he sees the frown on Kennedy's face, and stops. "Is that why you ran?" His voice gets more sympathetic and he pulls her back into his arms. 
Kennedy nods. "I think she knows about us."
"So you punched her? Did you really think that was going to help?"
Leave it to Liam to be the adult to lecture Kennedy. 
"Yes.No. I don't know."
"Well, it's okay. We'll just talk to her tomorrow, yeah?" 
"Fine." Kennedy frowns at the thought of facing Charlotte, but pushes that aside. "Only if you're with me."
"I'm always with you, Love."