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You don't need water to feel like you're drowning,
                                                                                                                                                                      do you?

I want to take a road trip. 

this has got to be the worst case of wanderlust ever. I want to get out of here and head somewhere with no plan in mind, just me and some music. A big old run-down pick up truck. The kind that still plays mixtapes, the authentic kind - but also CDs. I don't care where i go, but i want to get this truck and go - fast too. Fast so i can feel the breeze that walks hand in hand with all of the other cliches. I want to bring a big pad of paper and write everything down - and when i don't have paper, i'll write it down stories on scraps receipts or even candy wrappers. I want to go to music festivals and meet locals of every town and visit landmarks - to the major, interesting ones, to the trivial and silly ones. Because yesterday i learned something and this truth made me realize how badly i ached to get out and GO. "Everybody has got to take a roadtrip at least once in their lives. Just you & some music."                                                                                -     Elizabethtown
         You can't stop the waves,
        but you can learn to surf.

Whats that?
A hat? Crazy funky, junky hat.
Overslept. Hair unsightly.
Tryin' ta  look like Keira Knightley,
We've been there, we've done that.
We see right through your funky hat /////



Him: I think you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.
Her: *blushes* You are so lying

Him: Oh, sorry, I was just talking to my arm muscles.

Today, I realized if you are what you eat,                                        ////////////////////////////////
oldemort is a unicorn.

Today, My Girlfriend told me that she loved me ;;

I tried to be romantic and tell her "I've loved you for 10 months- Known it for 8- and been able to love you completly as mine for 6 months." We where 5 centimeters away from kissing when I realized my roomate was watching us with a bowl of popcorn leaning into us and whispering to himself- "here it comes...." MLIA  

Everyone deserves to be happy;
but some people just dont know how                    <                /              3
You know that feeling..
when you look at him, and think: wow i love him.
But we're just friends.
and maybe when he looks at her, it hurts so much somtimes.
when you're in love with him, and he's in love with her.

when you love everything about him, and he loves everything about her;
you wasted all of your 11:11 wishes on him.

you kept it in for so long.
nobody knows how confused you are.
do you tell him you like him? or do you keep it in as usual?

or its complacated if someone was asking you what was wrong.

when you look at them together, your eyes fill up with tears. < / 3
because you love him. you love him so much.

and sometimes you just wished he knew