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I am taty(:
some about me..
Eminem is my hero
Ray Mak(: I will be like him
(:music i will sing
(:is all
Friends(:Mean the world
   H i t    m e   u p

actually please dont

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Steve 8 years ago
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Welcome! Let me know if you need help. I made this site.
mislogan098 1 decade ago
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yeah taty. jared. hes my boyfriend ?
stronger 1 decade ago
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you favorited a jocked quote.
i was wondering if you can unfavorite that one, and favorite the original made by the original author; me.


faaniwi 1 decade ago
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thank yoou :D
Everlongs_Layouts 1 decade ago
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Hello, sorry to bother, but you've just favorited a jocked quote:

Please unfavorite that one. The original can be found here:

Thank you and sorry to bother.
Sundance_Kidz 1 decade ago
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why thank yoo! ;D

about the borders and backgrounds, well its pretty confusing at first. when you see a quote with a border you like, click on "get code" beneath the quote. then copy it. then when you go 2 make ur own quote, click "source" and paste it in. hit "source" again and replace the quote in the border with the quote your making. if you go back in2 source, you can change up the code 2 make the border the way u want it. it takes a while 2 figure out tho, and it can be really confusing. after a while tho, it makes sense. stick with it! =)
let me know how it goes 4 u. if u need any more help just ask. im not always that great at explaning things but ill try.
keep quoting! ;D
HopelessNoey 1 decade ago
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this is kindaa late but thaanks for the comment on my quote :D