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The names kate�
I've taken over this profile. \\\\\ 

Quotes by basketballchickkforeveer1

// I keep things to myself because in reality, no one ever asks if I'm okay. No one really cares. \\
I haven't been on here in like forever.
Basically because everyone don't give a fxck.
On this website or in life.
Summer 2013 is almsot here .
Im beyond ready .
I've been looking under rocks , and breaking locks , just tryna find ya .
I hate it when people try to get in the way of me and my boyfriends relationship .
When everyone else needs someone to talk to, to vent or whatever, they get like 100 comments. I get no likes, No comments, No people even caring. As usual.
Take me , Im yours . And I dont really care who knows it .
I've never been so in love with someone. Our relationship is like perfect. Like no others. And I dont want that to ever change. I never wanna lose you. And honestly, you've changed my look on what love is. I know what it is because of you. & your just something I can never replace.
Im tired of just being a second chioce to every guy out there.
Every time I think Im gonna get hurt by you, I give up. But then, you give me so many ways to keep holding on..