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As you can see, Im Baylee. 
I hate myself and my life exept for a handfull of things i.e.  Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan,Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne.  And yea.. Bye.

Quotes by bazfifi

Tonight was the first time I have been honestly happy in a VERY long time.



After all you've

put me though, 

you have no right

to ask me how I


Everything would be easier if I just dropped dead, so why not?

You called her fat,
Now she doesn't eat.

I cant do this anymore...


No One Cares.  

Can someone tell me why i should be alive? cause right now i cant think of one reason.... so bye i guess.



Teenage Suicide


She mutters to herself
"I can't do this anymore"
Then runs into her bathroom
Straight to the medicine drawer

She swallows the pills
Then cries herself to sleep
To add to that she slit her wrists
But the cut was just to deep

They did all they could
But her pain at last had ceased
Although her family cries
Her spirit rests in peace




A tear stained pillow beneath her head. 
No one knows she wishes she was dead.  A thousand times she has carefully lied about those black mascara tears shes cried. 
Shes so lonley but she'll never let it show and she decides that nobody will ever know, that when shes curled up on the floor, she doesn't even know who she is anymore. 
She hides it all with a heart breaking smile, its not real. 
Hasnt been for a while. 
Her tears stain her cheeks its so hard not to drown. 
She told you she was fine, does she look okay now?
*not mine I saw it on here a while ago but I love it alot*



I have never hated someone so much in my life exepct you.