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Hey :)

I don't take crap from anyone. If someone picks a fight, i'll take it. If someone messes with one of my siblings or friends, i will stick up for them. My favorite things are sports, weightlifting, and music. Don't complain to me, I won't listen..or i'll just complain back. Yes I come off as hardcore, but that's because i've been through a lot. Katelynn Walters is one of my closest friends, we grew up together and she has always had my back. I'm not ungrateful at all. I don't take anything advantage. I believe a little luck can go along way :)

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Quotes by bears96

"i can't find the place your heart is hiding.
i'm no quitter, but i'm tired of fighting. </3"

-Blake Shelton

My oh my, you're so good-looking<3

Hold yourself together like a pair of bookends,

But I've not tasted all your cooking.

Who are you when I'm not looking?

"Stupid questions deserve sarcastic answers."

She likes him.

He likes her.

Everyone knows it...

But them..

Love doesn't walk away..people do. </3
I oount the color in his eyes (: <3
 Just when you tell yourself it's o k a y  to give up,

someone comes along and makes you s t r o n g e r.
"just be y o u r s e l f because life is too s.h.o.r.t to be anyone else."

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My head says,

“who cares.”

But then my heart whispers,

“you do, stupid.”