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my name is Jessie:) 
music is my everything. without it,
i'd be lost. im insecure and hate it when
people yell at me. i have a lot of friends,
but two best friends who know me inside
and out. i love listening and giving advice,
so if you ever need anything just hit me up!:)

Quotes by believeinyourself44

   follow your heart <3

   just know that you are beautiful, it doesn't matter what anyone else says<3

we always say we hate
him and that's wrong, we
hate that we still love
him but know we will
never have him again..

Beauty isn't makeup.        
you're beautiful without it:)

Dear God,
 thanks for this
     and forgive me if 
         I don't love it 

Guys have no idea
how long something
they said can stay in

a girl's mind.

8 planets,
204 countries,
809 islands,
7 seas,
6,000,000,000+ people,

and I'm still single.

I have super powers;
I'm really good at being

Underneath this smile,
my world is slowly caving in.

You're beautiful<3
inside and out. never doubt yourself.

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