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my name is Jessie:) 
music is my everything. without it,
i'd be lost. im insecure and hate it when
people yell at me. i have a lot of friends,
but two best friends who know me inside
and out. i love listening and giving advice,
so if you ever need anything just hit me up!:)

Quotes by believeinyourself44

I said leave,
but baby all I want is you
to stand outside my window
throwing pebbles screaming
I'm in love with you!<3

Everyone says they don't
care what other people
think of them, but in
reality, everyone does
at least 
a little bit.

If I had super powers
I wouldn't want to be able to read 
people's minds because I could care
less about what they think of me.
If It's cold outside;
show the world the warmth of your smile<3

I'm sorry
I'm such a disappointment. 

I'm a PRETTY girl
with an UGLY story.
Never look back.
if cinderella went back to pick up 
her shoe, she wouldn't of become 
a princess.

Dear world,
Us girls are so much more than what 
we seem. Live a day in our shoes and 
you'll see what we go through everyday.

Get to know us before you judge.
the awkward moment when;
you think your important to someone and your not..

you can either cry a river
           and drown in it
or you can build a bridge
           and get over it.

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