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my name is Jessie:) 
music is my everything. without it,
i'd be lost. im insecure and hate it when
people yell at me. i have a lot of friends,
but two best friends who know me inside
and out. i love listening and giving advice,
so if you ever need anything just hit me up!:)

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hauntingly beautiful

Chapter 29

One Year Later
Hunter's Point of View
Graduation is the day all high schoolers dream about.
They dream about the freedom of moving on to college; going out to live on their own, no parents, no duties, and endless amounts of partying.
I stood up in the podium, wearing my blue cap and gown.
I had my diploma and schlorship to Standford for basketball in the other.
Everyone in sync removed their caps from their heads.
With one swift movement, we all tossed it in the air, just to have to come crashing down.
"Congrats seniors, class of 2013!" the principal announced through a microphone.
Everyone had smiles plastered on their faces, as my eyes searched the audience.
On the mid section, far off to the right, I saw my mother and father.
My dad had a proud smile across his usual grumpy face, and my mother was bawling.
"My baby." I saw my mother mouthed the words.
I laughed, as I gave her a wave.
A few of my friends from the basketball team patted my back, as some girls came to give me hugs.
Soon, we all exited the stage.
We all gathered out to the lobby of the hotel where the graduation ceremony was held, as I searched the crowd for my parents.
I spotted them in a corner, each holding a glass of white wine.
They looked very intent in a conversation they were having with a girl.
I didn't see her face clearly, since she was facing her back towards me.
But, I could tell she wasn't from our school.
She wasn't wearing a graduation cap and gown.
Her long, brown hair cascaded just past her shoulders, and she was wearing a creamy pink dress that fitted her perfectly.
I could tell, just by looking at her back, that she was hot.
A small grin appeared on my face, as I made my way over to them.
My mothers bloodshot eyes lit up, as she smiled.
"Hunter! Honey, we are so proud of you!" my mother said, kissing my cheek.
I coughed with embarassment, as I chuckled half- heartedly.
"Mom..." I trailed off.
My eyes flickered to the girl standing before us, as I felt my heart pump a little.
She looked familiar, but I couldn't point my finger on it.
She had big, hazel eyes, with dark and long eyelashes framing her unique eye color.
My eyes were immediately drawn to her heart shaped lips.
They looked soft and kissable.
Who was this girl?
She gave me a small smile, as a blush crept up her neck, making me smirk.
"Hunter, we're going to talk to the Taylor's for a minute. We'll be right back." my dad said, tugging my mother off.
My attention was all on this mysterious, and hauntingly beautiful girl.
"Do I know you from somewhere?" I finally asked.


it's ridiculous. it's been MONTHS
and for some reason i just cant
get over us
... and i'm stronger than
this; enough is enough; no more walking
around with my head down... i'm soo over
being BLUE crying over you...



Do you like me?

Breathe for yes. 
Lick your elbow for no. :)



i just want things
to work out.


Did you know that:
The ones who are the strongest. are the most sensitive?
The ones who are the most nicest, are the most hurt?
The ones who act like they least need love, are the ones who need it most?
The ones who care about everything, need taken care of most?
And the ones who smile the widest, are the ones who shed the most tears?


Life is a constant battle between
my love of food and not wanting to get fat.


it's the second best thing you can do with your lips.


Ill be back in 5 minutes.
If I’m not read the first sentence again.