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HI, my names brittani, me and my bestfriend eden made this account and we would love to share are quotes with you, i love trampolining, football, and hanging with my friends and i love janoskians and music<3 Eden loves fall out boy and paramore and hanging with her friends. Please follow us and we will follow back, favorite our quotes and we will favorite your's back<3

Quotes by bestfriendswhosmell

Hi quick quote, here jsut to say, its monday morning me and eden are in I.C.T and miss is like chatting to us, bless her, im next to siobhan the best girl in the world<3 Ilove you witty<3
Omg crying, shaking omg janoskinas on omegle i actully saw him luke with his blue hair omg!
OMGOMGOMGOMG, just saw the janoskains on omegle freaking out just ran thourgh the whole house screaming, im shakin omg!!
"sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

You say as i throw a dictionary at your face :D<3xxxxx
You dont need water                  
to feel like                        
   your drowning,                       

do you              ?     
Today I took a bath.
I didn't wash my hair.
Or wash my body.
I took a washable marker and pointed out ever flaw I saw on myself.
I wrote down every flaw I saw, and I wrote them all over my body.
I was covered in marker.
I washed them off, and they went down the drain.
They won't hold me back anymore.

dance818        can i ask were you got yor corser from??????? please comment xxxxxxxx
writting a quote on here is so hard,
there are so many things i wanna say,
wannna share and so many thoughts i want to write,
i could sit here and spend ages telling you about a tragic life i've had,
but i won't coz my life isn't so....
i'm just gonna say ADAM IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE GAY!
(JOKING <3 U :) )

EDEN AKA Stagegirl
Stand up Never say never,
This life is gonna get better,
Take a breath ,
shake it off and say,
Im on my way,

You've been down and feel so fed up,
When they tell you,
you might not get up,
you might not be on top of the world but,
Im on my way <3

Charlie Brown