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who wants to be my friend?there's a witty chat thing


you can say I'm just a fool
who stands for nothing
well to that I say your a 

bring me the horizon- antivist

i think im in love
with memphis mayfire


i went school shopping with my mum and i saw a homeless man outside the shopping center, so i went up to him and he looked sad and cold. his  finger nails were really long and had dirt under them, had a few missing teeth, long gray hair.he was huddled up in a corner with a hat filled with 2p coins(english money)
his clothes were a good few sizes bigger and he was skin and bone. i gave him a packet of crisps and he thanked me, in a weak voice, and his blue eyes were filled with pain.
i felt like i completed a challange, i felt amazing when i knew i had given the homeless man- who hadnt eaten in days -something to eat even if it was small.
it made me realize that my life could be worst, i get food daily, i have a home, i have clothes- sure what i have isnt perfect and i dont like it, but i still have it. 
it made me feel like i had actually helped someone, that i was needed, that i made someones day better.

this school year i shall draw a semicolon on my wrist,
even  when its not semicolon day.


and i shall re-draw it everytime it fades
would you destroy
something beautiful 
in order to make it 
listening to dead walker texas ranger by sleeping with sirens before bed. Not a good idea
What time is it where you live?
"im scared to get close,
i hate being alone,
i long for that feeling
to not feel at all,
the higher i get,
the lower i sink
i cant drown my demons 
they know how to swim
-bring me the horizon
can you feel my heart?


is gay

-frank iero