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hi witty profiles. 
its me, ya girl. 
im an adult now and i married my high school boyfriend 
this site is so embarassing 

true story 

my dads not giving me merch money for warped tour jhfsdafghfsdgdss. kill me. 
omg warped tour is in 8 days omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg 
I feel like theres something wrong..
i just dont know what it is .. /: 

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Hes so damn cute...<3

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come morning light you &I'll be 

Safe and Sound ♥

-The Hunger Games Soundtrack

& Im just a girl.
           Im supposed to get my heartbroken ;
right ?<//3


Confessions # 4 :
I m afraid of losing everyone i love.


Confessions # 4 :
I  think maybe , just maybe . If i was prettier and had better stuff id be friends with all the people i lost in 6th grade. 


Confessions # 5 :
I 'm afraid of losing my best friends because i cant lose my boyfriend whos hurt me .. /: