Status: Hi I'm Darya. I love making people smile and talking to new people so don't be afraid to talk to me(:
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I love making other people happy. I love seeing smiles and laughs. I love making people feel loved and beautiful because they are.

1.  Life is tough but I stay strong for the most part
2. Not afraid to fight for what I believe in
3. Favorite color is green 
4.  um I'm into music that really touches my heart. That the lyrics are meaningful. 
5. I enjoy soccer and dance (:

Quotes by bmoredarebear222

Is it fair for me?
Really. Is it.
I have to walk around acting like you mean nothing to me.
when you mean the world
I am pushing you away. 
When I need you here the most.
What is that?
                                                                              I'm sorry
That feeling
That feeling of helplessness.
I'm not proud.
But it was the only way out.
Of the pain.
every second of every day.
My sadness doesn't come from my life.
It comes from my mind.