Status: stupid thirteen year old girls thinking they know everything.
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i fcking hate you all.


Quotes by bonbon

if you spend ur whole evening downvoting someone's comment points then I really feel sorry for u 

u need to get a life bro

im actually really scared that one day
i might be accused of something I didn't do and have to go to prison for it


mum: why do you waste your life on the internet you never learn anything
me: CORRECTION MOTHER. I have learnt what procrastination means and also what a fox says

we could
count the stars from your car hood



wish you'd go throwing

rocks at my window


i'll fix these broken things
repair your broken wings

and make sure everything's alright.

bonbon's format





if you say i'll never reach the moon

i'll send you a postcard soon



bonbon's format

the night is young


Now all I need baby

is a little time

and a whole lotta you


bonbon's format