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No one's gonna fix

me when I'm broke


Hi, I'm Isabella, I'm 13 and awkward :)

I love the internet. I'm part of multiple fandoms.

I love Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Jessie J, One Direction,

Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Mean Girls, Bridesmaids,

Easy A, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Billie Piper, Danisnotonfire,

AmazingPhil, charlieissocoollike, nerimon, Doctor Who, Misfits,

Hunger Games, Photography, Writing, Reading, Food, my friends.

I have no social life but you can talk to me whenever you want and

about whatever you want. I don't judge and I love talking to new

people <3

Stay Spontaneuous Guys <3


Quotes by bowtiesandfezzes

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I haven't been on witty,

I'm sorry.

I think I've found something that finally makes me happy.

 I do, and always will love this site,

But right now, I have to focus on school.

I may be back?

I'm not sure. 

I'm getting better. 

I promise. 

If you could see inside my mind

You'd wonder why I'm still here.

I'm tired.

Tired of feeling like this,

Tired of dealing with you,

Tired of hating who I am,

Tired of trying to convinve myself I'm worth it,

Tired of people hating me and my opinion,

Tired of fighting,

Tired of people,

Tired of trying.,

Tired of being tired,

I'm just tired.


Can't anybody see
how fast I'm
I wonder what it's like...

for you,
for her,
for my best friend,
What's it like?
What's it like,    
to be happy?

My Quote

You don't need to tell me I'm ugly

I already know

Trust me.


 is just a petty word

Lyric Credit: Little Mix ~ We are who we are
 My format :)

I'm not in a good place right now,

I haven't been for awhile,

and what kills me more than feeling this

is having to keep it all bottled up,

because if I tell anyone

they will just lie to me,

they'll tell me I'm worth it,

that it will get better,

but it's hard to think like that

when no one actually believes it will.

My Quote

I'm gonna 


like nothing's wrong,


like everything's alright,


like it's all perfect,

even though inside it really