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Brooke Alexandria Robishaw
^ up there, thats my name...
I am 14 years old and my birthday is January 19th,
I am a blonde haired blue eyed girl.
&&  single and ready to mingle,
I am from the East Coast;
and i live life to its fullest.
I am one of those girls who always has a smile on her face;
I love my life and all of the amazing people in it 
My friends are my life; they make me laugh and they are always there for me!
i love the summer time, and the beach of course!
I am pretty much obbsessed with Harry Potter (:
ohh && mac miller; kid cudi ; andd Wiz 
Classy never Trashy is my motto(: 
I love witty and making quotes ;
get at me bro .

follow && fave ladies and gents 

Quotes by brookeycookie87

Oh that's funny..

I could have swore

my door was closed

before you came in?

using google;

to see how you

spell a word 


you can burn the pictures 

&rip up the notes,

delete his number&
throw away his clothes.

but you will never forget
the memories.</3

I Don't Even know what page your on.?


Sometimes I imagine Myself as
the most popular girl in school,
with tons of friends,
&the hottest boyfriend.
Then  i  remember  i  am  an  awkward  narwal ...