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Hello fellow humans! I see you are interested enough to read this?
Name: anything you want besides Mo, Mo-Mo, or Morgie. You have to be very special to me before I let you call me that.

Sexuality: Unknown

Relationship status: Taken by Jacob

Religion: Agnostic.

Personality: Bipolar, secretive, bubbly, shy,awkward, crazy, slow, positive.

Other:I love rock music more than life itself. I'm scene. I'm also awkward and love to practice writing in Cryllic!
That's about it! Anything else? Message me! :D

Quotes by Morgan*

I remember when I first joined here about 2 years ago and I was an overdramatic emo with an obsession over Black Veil Brides and I thought that everything revolved around what my friend thought. Now I'm just regular me with two good friends and I don't really care about what the other one thinks. Now whenever I look at my old quotes I want to delete them but I remember that they show me who I was vs who I am now.
What's really scary about life is that your ability to succeed revolves around your capability as a teenager. What's scarier is that how you feel as a child contributes to how you act as a teenager.
I hate it when two people of the same bandom/fandom argue like nO WE SHOULD ALL BE GETTING ALONG STOP
We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else for us to find.
Me: What should I do?!
Friend: Do whatever you want!
Me: Okay thanks!
In my head: I asked you because I don't KNOW WHAT I WANT!

And when the dead walk the earth
All the living will fill these coffins
And at the end of the world
I'll remember to bring you flowers
Person: Love is an open door!
Me: You mean the fridge or the freezer?
People think that I changed for a friend, but in reality, we just had the same interests and didn't know it.
Mom: What's that white stuff on your nose?
Me: ...cocaine...
Mom: *gets angry*
Me: I'm kidding! It's powder from my bubble gum!
*screenshots every funny and true thing on the feed*