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Believe. Pray. Hope. Love. Smile.

&it's a sad picture, the final blow hits ya, somebody else gets what you wanted agan. You know it's all the same, another time and place, repeating history & you're getiin' sick of it.
But I believe in anything you do, & I'll do anything to see it through,
Because these things will change.



    \hazel eyes, red hair

bestfriends my life: s.t.w; j.m.c; s.c.k. <3

                                                                                                                                  falls too fast, too easily/


T A Y L O R S W I F T ` T H E H U N G E R G A M E S ` W I N T E R ` E D S H E E R A N ` T E X T I N G ` 2 M I N U T E N O O D L E S
` N E V E R S H O U T N E V E R `  M A C K L E M O R E & R Y A N L E W I S ` C U T E C O U S I N S ` G U I T A R ` P A R A M O R E
` S P A R K L E S ` E Y E L I N E R ` J O S H H U T C H E R S O N `M A R I A N A S T R E N C H `

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 \\let me riddle you a ditty,
         it's just an itty-bitty little thing on my mind, 
        about a  [ b o y & a g i r l ]] tryna take on the world,
 >> one kiss at a time                           .   
now the funny thing about it, ain't a story without it, 
is that the story is mine, 
and I wish I   [ c o u l d s a y ] that it ended just fine.                            
                     we all wanna know, how it ends. 

- format by firefliie -

- C H A P T E R  T W O -



High school - a bunch of teenagers forced together by the government to learn, but use it as a social event. The crazy years where we fall in love with a new person quicker than we buy new clothes, do stupid things, are addicted to social networking, obtain a lot different friends and lose just as many, have fights, get grounded,  text too much, don't sleep enough, and all with the excuse that we are young.  Every day we go through the same routine, which is then repeated over and over for several years until we get overly sick of it, reach a certain age and graduate, then spend a few weeks talking about how much we're going to miss it. That's high school, right?


In my case, I do what I want, get what I want, simply by flashing my breath-taking smile in the direction of a  few important people. I am the girl that people bend over backwards to give her exactly what she wants. You know, that girl that you either love, or hate? Your first impression of me is the most important one. And I cannot wait for the day that I get out of here.


First class. New student.

"Oh look, fresh blood," Serena whispered to me, her eyes darting across the room to the unfamiliar boy  walking through the door. He was tall but not too tall, and had a good build, but in a way that made his  muscles only barely visible under his almost too-tight t-shirt. He wore long jeans and held his bag in his  right hand. He was… perfect.

"Wow," that was all I could say. All I could think. I had no idea what was happening, but when I saw him, it  felt like my whole body just exploded from the inside.   It was like the whole world had just dropped off and  there was nothing expect me and that gorgeous boy with the dark brown eyes.

The next thing I heard was Serena's understanding laughter. "Snap out of it Kaela! You're acting like a love- sick thirteen year old!"

I turned to look at her. Love-sick? I thought this over and then realised. Could it be possible that I… had a  crush on this boy? No, that was an entirely impossible thought. Made no sense whatsoever. I don't like  boys, they like ME. I didn't even know his name!

"Kaela! Wakey wakey! He's looking this way!" Serena slapped my arm. I looked over and saw that she was  right, he was in fact looking in my direction, probably curious as to why I was staring at him. I gave him my  best 'welcome-to-my-school' smile, and added a little suggestive wink to the end. He appeared to find this  funny, and looked as though he was holding in a laugh. Oh. He then turned his attention to the teacher and  walked over to show her his timetable, and introduce himself.

"I'm Jay, I'm new here," the way his lips moved as he said the words made me shiver.

Jay. His name didn't  leave my mind all day.

- Chapter Two, starting to see a bit of a story-line. For anyone who may not have read last chapter, 'Kaela' is pronounced 'Kay-ella'. 
I would LOVE feedback, and comments just on anything. Tell me if you love it, tell if you hate it, give me ways to improve. Thanks guys -

it's the state of bliss, you think you're dreaming,

it's the happiness inside that you're feeling
it's so beautiful it makes you wanna cry

- format by firefliie -

every night she cries herself to sleep,
thinking why does this happen to me?


- P R O L O GU E -

The sound of my alarm clock rang through the house. Time to start the process again. I got up, picked a gorgeous outfit from my closet. Dusted my face with foundation, then layered on the eye make-up, and smacked on some lip-gloss. I spent forty-five minutes straightening my hair and then another ten running a slight wave through it. I carefully selected a pair of shoes. I put on the same necklace I always wear, and lined my wrists with bracelets. Finally, I stood back and looked in the full-length mirror on the wall of my bedroom.


My bright green eyes, emphasized by the ridiculous amount of make-up, looked over my impeccable appearance. The small dotting of freckles over my nose - the only imperfection on my face. My dark blonde hair that fell without a frizz down to my waist, and the necklace, with the gold cross on it. I took in my blue lacy long-sleeved see through shirt with the white skin-tight singlet underneath, just outlining my curves in a slightly teasing manner. I winced at the sight of the bracelets, knowing they only barely covered up the scars. I noticed how long my evenly tanned legs looked under the black tube mini skirt, leading down to the defined calf muscles, highlighted by the matching black heels.

This is the procedure I go through every morning to hold up the illusion that I am in fact the closest thing to perfect you will ever find. But let me tell you - perfection has its many flaws.


this is the memory,
T H I S  I S  T H E  C U R S E  O F  H A V I N G
too much time to think about it

it's killing me,  
T H I S  I S  T H E  L A S T  T I M E  T H I S  I S
my forgiveness, this is endless


          ALL WANNDO IS STAND                     
       closto you be by your side


my wish for you is that this life  becomes
                            ALL THAT YOU WANT IT TO                             
     your dreams stay big,   your worries stay small.          
you never need to carry more than you can hold.
and while you're  out there  gettin'
                            WHERE YOU'RE GETTIN' TO,                             
     i hope you know,   somebody loves you,.          
and wants the same things, too, yeah this,
THIS IS MY WISH               



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