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Hey Guys[:
My names
Amber and im 13 years young.
I was born on the 19th of August, Any birthday budies?
I'm a
writer on this website, but i don't get noticed often.
myself, and i dont give a fuck about what you think of me.
I'm a big one direction and nicki minaj fan.
I will personally come to your house and shoot you if you say anything bad about them.

Instagram- ayecaptainn
Kik- callmeamber
Tumblr- derp-ness

Try talking to me, i dont bite,
kidding c;

Quotes by callmeamber

It seems like the only times i come on witty now is because i feel upset or insecure.
well guys, thankyou all of your quotes make me feel so much better.
bestfriends are not ment for relationships
Whoever told you your pretty
crying on the inside
because nobody on the outside would care
Wanna know what hurts the most?
Your mom telling you your not good enough.
i made a story account.
Falling for your Bestfriend 
but knowing you dont have a chance.
life sucks.
Today, a boy paused his black ops to talk to me.
I gotta marry him.
We all know that hurricane sandy wasen't sandy from spongebob
Just shut up already
*Me and my mom walking in our town*

: Awh i love seeing old couples holding hands, i find it so cute its like they found the love of their lifes and there gonna be together forever
Me: Don't say that, this could be the old ladys 4th marriage and she has another boyfriend in florida when she visits
Mom: How do you know she goes to florida?
Me: Don't all old people go there in the winter?
true story. mq