Status: Wendy, run away with me. I know I sound crazy, don't you see what you do to me?
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Hi, I'm not active anymore but I might have rediscovered this site (lol)
I tend to write down funny things I overhear in my notes while walking around at university, which I'll be posting
However, due to lockdown measures, of course there's not going to be much new content.
Anyway, I'd like to get into HTML again, so I might stick around.

About my account:
I started this when I was 11, I am not a native speaker of English, which is very visible if you look at my old quotes.
I won't delete them. They are hella awkward but funny to look back to (I had so many crushes? I'm amazed)

My profile pic is my favourite picture of kpop singer Hoshi. 

Quotes by Charlie*

Things I overheard at uni, 6.
*Reads 2011* Twothousand eleventeen
Things I overheard at uni, 5.
If you wanna commit .., this really is the place.
Things I overheard at uni, 4.
Putting in effort is too much effort.
Things I overheard at uni, 3.
"I almost cried."
"Almost? You wére crying."
Things I overheard at uni, 2.
Earthquakes only happen to bad people
Things I overheard at uni, 1.
Well you guys are lucky to have an economy! ...holes.
I haven't been here in a very long time and I wanna cry now because all of my quotes are just so bad
and the grammar
pls kill me already
How Mooks and i flirt for fun:

Mooks: You're cooler than the coolest fridge
Me: Awhh Thanks :3
Me: You're hotter than Venus
Mooks: Hihihi 
Mooks: -Looks flattered-
I love school

The most people only have monday a day off.
I have the hole week off.

I love school.

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I don't even like cats....o:



No hate to her, i just thought it was kinda funny