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Dont you hate it when...

~your sitting at brewed and some random guy comes up to the window behind you and presses his face to it and scares the hell outta you
~ When your walking with a boy you like and you fall face first
~ When you think you hear footsteps and you start freaking but it was only the wind
~ when your having fun in a store and all the adults give you dirty looks
~ when your drinking a coffee and your friend comes and takes it and drinks it all on you
~ when you miss your bus because you were in the bathroom and you have to go chase it
~ when your trying to take a picture and someone walks right in front of you...many times
~ when your favorite song finally comes on in the car and your mom and dad turn the radio off and decide to have a convo
~ when your in the shower and theres no more hotwater
~ when you get that mini heartattack when you cant find your phone
~ when a teachers yelling at you and all you can do is laugh at them
~ when people spit out the window but it lands on the window...ew!
~ when a weird kid decided to follow you everywhere!
~ when the boys always get you kicked outta places
~ when your having fun riding in a shopping cart and random people pull over and start yelling.

Today was a very strange day. LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOL!(:

If you love something let it go and
if it comes back then that's how
you know.

Marques Houston

If I had one wish we'll be best friends, love will never end it will just begin. If I had one wish you'd be my boo, promise to love you, trust me I'll trust you. If I had one wish we'll run away makin love all day have us a baby. If I had one wish make you my whole life and you'd be my guy make it right this time. If I had one wish<3
Even though its goodbye,
before I run into you I just wanted you to know your my favorite broken heart </3 (:

Favorite Broken Heart
Tiffany Evans


I hate you, but I love you, I can't stop thinking of you..It's true I'm stuck on you :/

Stacie Orrico


Where are you now, when I need you the most. Why don't you take my hand, I wanna be close <3


Where are you now
Justin Bieber
Speak up, your silence is killing me. I had enough baby speak up are you loving or hating me cause I can never tell.

Speak up

Kristinia Debarge

What's a girl to do, when shes loving 2 but she don't wanna lie but she can't tell the truth </3


What's a man to do
No boy loves you because if they did they wouldn't do half the things they do to us </3
So you ever still love your ex boyfriend and you too still have a thing for each other but you are not doing anything about it? Then all of a sudden you start talking to this new kid who is soo cute and you get along so well with but you dont know how to tell your ex!?! Well this is just like the episode of hannah montana he could be the one...I have to choose,the only thing is which one do i choose?.......the one i have history with,or the new kid?