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Hey guys my name is jessica but call me jess, jessie doesnt matter. Ima tell you a little bit about myself:) im 15 i blow out the candles on april 15th, i dance, cheer and do gymnastics and play basketball, soccer. I tend to be very silly:p i love making new friends, im a major flirt hehe:) 

Someone who is awesome is MrReal:)

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anyone wanna be my texting buddy!!??  :)
Its hard to pretend you love someone when you dont, its even harder to pretend that you dont love someone when you really do<3
Why not?
I bet no guy 
has the guts to write me a paragraph in my comment box on my profile that I will never forget. Girls, pass this on and see who the nicest guy is on Witty. See what guy can actually write a paragraph that will supriseyou.
< 3
1-4 = ugly
4-9 = okay
9-14 = cute
14-20 = pretty
20-30 = gorgeous
30-35 = stunning
35 + = mind-blowing
if any one wants to be my witty sis or witty bro just chat me:)

hey im jess and i really need a friend that i can trustt who would like to be that friend??
hey im looking for a wittybother or sister whos older maybe 16 :) hmu if want to be my wittybro or sis:)
I finally understood what true love meant....   love meant that you cared for another person's happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face may be<3
Just because someone doesnt love you the way you want them to, doesnt mean they dont love you with everything they have.