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Hey sweeties! My name's Sara, I'm 16 years old, annnd there's not much to say about me. Uh I like music [more like love it] it gets me through everything, and so do my best friends. I play guitar, I sing [both horribly], and uh that's really it. i just wanna say that you guys are all wonderful, and if anything's ever bothering you, you can come to me. I''l listen, cross my heart and hope to die :) You're never alone, and are never a bother. Stay strong lovelies ♥

Lol so hai there you has gotten hacked yet again C: Just wanted to say you are my bestest friend in the whole world and you always will be and I love you so much!!!! ~ Panda

Quotes by cherrycarey96

We're not cynics, we just hate it all anyway
Tip of advice: touch my butt
I want you to notice when I let go.
I am so tired of my mind yelling at me when I try to eat.
"Nope, we cannot eat that, that is a new substance."
"Put. it. down."
"I think you've had enough already, Ms. Piggy."
"NO. Do crunches. Run. Do something. Too large."
If you love me let me go. 'Cause these words are knives
that often leave scars; the fear of falling apart.
And truth be told I never was yours;
the fear, the fear of falling apart.
I taste you on my lips, and I can't get rid of you.
So I say "Damn your kiss, and the awful things you do.
Yeah you're worse than nicotine."
Please, don't take this out on me, 
'cause you're the only thing that's
keeping me alive 
You play your part, and I'll be playing with matches;
and if you like a show, you can follow the ashes.
Whiskey Princess, drink me under, pull me in;
you had me at "Come over boy, I need a friend."
I understand.
Wow-ee I really like kissing you ♥