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Settle down with me 

Cover me up 

Cuddle me in 

Lie down with me 

Hold me in your arms
Me: Knock, knock
Friend: Who's there? 
Me: Daisy
Friend: Daisy who? 
Me: Daisy see me rollin' they hatin'
 THE MISCONCEPTION: In all you do, you strive for success

THE TRUTH: You often create conditions for failure ahead of time to protect
                       your ego.
Reading back over old conversations,
and wanting to punch yourself in the face -_-
The greatest leaders in this world are the one's with no problems.
They're the ones who can manage them best
Story of my life:
I want to talk to you
But I don't want to be annoying
I hate saying goodbyes
Because I never know if I'll ever get to talk to the person again
Something could happen to them
Something could happen to me
Goodbyes just makes me sad

do you ever look around at the big crowds of people around you and realize everyone has a story and memories and family and troubles and achievements and a first kiss and a broken heart but you’ll never know any of it and every human life is really intricate and expansive but oh they’ve walked into a shop and you’ll never see them again and you’ll never know just what they were thinking
This quote does not exist.
Anyone want to be my witty friend ?
Everyone needs one ( (:   (P(: