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Hey, I'm Cassie. College life for me! 
There's this boy who stole my heart & he refuses to give it back <3
January 10th, 2015. 

Quotes by cassiejayy*

i never tell my boyfriend goodbye, i always tell him "stay gold pony boy" because it makes it seem like hes not leaving ❤️
you have no idea how happy you make me and how glad I am that we've made it through everything that was meant to tear us apart. I love you, so much. ❤️
if someone asked me what happened, i couldn't tell them. i dont even know myself. the only real explanation i have, is that maybe we shouldnt be together right now. 700 miles is going to be a long ways, but i promise i'll still be here 3 months from now 😘
Even though we're only "just friends" now, I still love you. ❤️

I can't get over the fact that I live with both of my best friends & I could not be happier! ❤️

you have no idea how safe it makes me feel to be curled up in bed with your hoodie, sweatpants, and blanket, and the build a bear we made 💜
I'm so glad I found you. You complete me, I didn't think I'd ever have anyone else. You make me so happy, I can never show you. You picked up every piece of my shattered heart and put them all back together perfectly. You're my favorite hello and hardest goodbye. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. We've both been hurt, but you make me forget about all those times. I love you.

when I call one of my best friend crying & the first thing he asks is who's butt he needs to kick.. that's why I love you ;* thanks for always having my back.
I got the best Christmas present ever! my baby got me a stuffed penguin, an opal ring, & a diamomd necklace. then he asked me out again! i still cant believe it!!
when you find out everything you know about your "best friend" is a lie..