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hi i'm gill. i'm a freshman and i still get quite confused by witty. i love helping people, so feel free if you need A N Y T H I N G. just know i'm always here for you. folllow me on tumblr; GOGOGO CLICK (: peacee.

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It feels a lot better when

Strangers randomly compliment you
Than when one of your friends does.

© ThatsSoMeee :)
how many people notice you? but you don't notice them.
because you are too busy noticing someone that'll never
notice you?

There was this girl in my school district;
She was nice to everyone. She treated everyone fair. She was probably the sweetest person you could ever meet. Her name was Victoria. A few months ago, I think around April/Mayish, she got in a car accident while driving to school and was killed. At school that day we found out over the announcements. I never got the priviledge to meet her. This summer (2011), her parents and some of the people around town had a benefit in her honor. I went to it, and there her boyfriend, Josh, played guitar and sang. He was really good. He talked about how Victoria was beautiful and how she was so nice. I almost cried then. Still now, his relationship status on Facebook says in a relationship with Victoria. And just yesterday, he posted on her wall, "Merry Christmas Babe. I started crying when I saw that. It's touching to still see his love for her even though she's gone. That's real love.



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  I try daddy but it hurts too much,
is it true you'r not coming home?
maybe someday i can visit you
in heaven okay




Where are you Christmas?

Why can't I find you?

Why have you gone away?

Where is the laughter,

You used to bring me?

Why can't I hear music play?

My world is changing.

I'm rearranging.

Does that mean Christmas changes too?

Where are you Christmas?

Do you remember,

The one you used to know?

I'm not the same one,

See what the time's done.

Is that why you have let me go? ?

What has Christmas beome of now? A time to buy, buy, buy. Presents, presents, food, cookies and more presents. That's all what it seems like Christmas is aobut now.
Remeber, the real reason of Christmas. Jesus, the son of God was born for us. It's a time to help others that are less fortunate and a time to spend with family and friends.

erry Chirstmas 

If today was your last day,
&tomorrow was too late

      Could You Say Goodby to Yesterday


At night when the stars light up my room
I sit by myself
Talking to the moon
-Bruno Mars