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What i would do just to have a guy friend who will go for long walks with me so i can tell him all my guy problems for give me good advice...
it makes me so depressed
just going out because
you realise how many beautiful girls are out there
and then theres me
why would you pick me when theres girls like that.
Unless you tell me i automatically think you find me unattractive.
I get my hopes up over the smallest thing's 
You sent me a message and i think wow maybe he kinda likes m
but then he goes back to ignoring me 
and feel like im not good enough once again
to be honest i dont even want to be in a relationship
i just want someone to want to be in a relationship with me 
have anyone just had a feelings for someone
youve never talked to them
they probably dont know who you are
but they just plays on your mind
for no reason
They might have big teeth but They can have a brace
They might be a bit overweight but They can go on a diet
They might have greesy hair but They can get hair products
They might not be the prettiest girl but They can wear some makeup
They might wear glasses but They can wear contacts
They might have a stutter or a lisp but they an have speech therapy
They may have some achne but They can get cream
No one is perfect
They can do something about all these flaws
What can you do about being a bully
Everyone has flaws
If its not on the outside
Then it is on the inside
The ones on the inside are the ones that matter and the ones that are harder to do something about
When your teacher gives a 20 minute speech about not wasting time.

i dont even feel like

a friend to some


i  feel more like a option or someone to run to if  they need



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When i sharpen a pencil
i always try to make the sharpenings 
as long as posible

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